You can’t guess which component of the iPhone 11 Pro Max turned out to be the most expensive

Apple is often accused of cheating on their smartphones. It seems impossible to most that, although a cool, but quite ordinary-looking phone, it can really cost a thousand dollars. They think that in Cupertino they artificially wind up the retail price of branded devices in order to create an aura of devices from the premium segment around them. From year to year, themed media add fuel to the fire, which publish inaccurate information about the cost of new iPhones, which turns out to be only the approximate cost of all the components that make up a smartphone. This year, TechInsights resource again did NOT change itself and calculated how much all the components of the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a memory capacity of 512 GB could cost.

You can’t guess which component of the iPhone 11 Pro Max turned out to be the most expensive

Remember once and for all: cost of components is not the same as cost of production

This year, unlike all the previous ones, the most expensive component of the Flagship iPhone was NOT its display, which used to be the leader in cost, but a triple camera system. Her TechInsights experts valued at $ 73.5. This is almost 40% more expensive than the iPhone XS Max. Apparently, an extra lens with an ultra-wide viewing angle is really so expensive.

How much is the display of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

But the display of the iPhone 11 Pro Max was cheaper than last year’s model. Either the lack of 3D Touch affected, or the company’s decision to purchase Samsung’s in-house display matrices, but one way or another, this year Cupertino saved a lot of money on the screen rather than losing it as a picture. It’s scary to think, but only two years ago Apple spent about $ 80 on the iPhone X display.

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On the processor, too, managed to save a little. Despite increased productivity and energy efficiency, the price of the A13 Bionic was estimated at $ 64 compared to $ 66 in the A12 Bionic. Someone will say that this is not a big difference, but considering that saving $ 2 on one smartphone turns into millions of dollars on a whole lot, the volume of which in Apple is measured in eight-digit numbers.

How much are the components of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • 512 GB permanent memory – $ 58
  • RAM – 11.5 dollars
  • Non-electronic components (chassis, glass, etc.) – $ 58
  • Modem – $ 25.5
  • Battery – $ 10.5
  • Wireless Interfaces – $ 10.5

iPhone cost

Thus, the total cost of the components used in the production of iPhone 11 Pro Max 512 GB is approximately 490 US dollars. This is $ 50 more expensive than the components of the iPhone XS Max were priced, so analysts predict that Apple will be able to reduce the cost of manufacturing new iPhones, apparently, did not materialize. In addition, it is important to understand that this figure has nothing to do with cost. The latter is formed not only by the components used, but also by other costs, like advertising, software development, research, assembly, and many other factors.