Xiaomi’s Three-in-One Gadget Coming Soon

The Chinese company Xiaomi has become popular for a reason. The brand does not focus on releasing just one thing, but is constantly looking for something that might be interesting to potential buyers. Moreover, such principles as low cost, novelty and usefulness have become important components of the universal formula, from which success is built.

All this is present in the new gadget from Xiaomi, combining the functionality of three items at once – a kettle, a thermos and a cup. The device is called the Yunmi Travel Electric Cup and looks outwardly quite attractive. Made in the spirit of minimalism, which is quite traditional for Xiaomi.

Actually, this is a 400 ml compact thermos. It weighs only 0.5 kg, which allows lovers of walks in the fresh air to take it with them. If you look closely at the base, you can find a small compartment with a cable laid in it for connecting to a 220 V household electrical network. There is a switch nearby.

Xiaomi's Three-in-One Gadget Coming Soon

Photo from ixbt.com

So, in the first position, the heating element performs heating and boiling. In the second position, only the temperature inside the thermos is maintained to a value of 50 degrees Celsius. If you disconnect the device from the network, then the temperature will be guaranteed to remain for another 12 hours.

The gadget has been certified GB4806, which allows us to recognize it as suitable and safe when used with food. A campaign is underway to raise funds to launch it in production. More than 10 days are left until its end, but the money has already been raised twice as much as the required amount. The preliminary cost of new items is set at $ 14. The sales start date has not been announced, but most likely you will not have to wait long.

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