Xiaomi Mini Wifi Router Setup

Xiaomi Mini Wifi Router Setup

The Xiaomi router itself is very beautiful, stylish and unusual. I will review this router in a separate article. And in this article I want to detail the process of first setting up the Xiaomi mini WiFi router. I’ll show you how to connect a router, set up a Wi-Fi network, and the Internet. In the near future I will prepare instructions for setting up file sharing on a USB drive, router firmware, etc.

Control Panel in Chinese. What to do, how to change the language?

As for the configuration of Xiaomi mini WiFi, then this is most likely the only moment that may disappoint you in this router. The fact is that the settings of the router are in Chinese. There is no way to choose Russian, or even English. If you want the control panel to be in Russian, you will have to flash the router with third-party firmware (PandoraBox, Padavan) The firmware process itself is complicated. Perhaps I will write about this in a separate article.

English can be added. Need in the Wi-Fi settings, you need to change the region to Europe, and update the firmware. I will also write about this in a separate article. Well, I advise you not to bother, and just set up the Xiaomi mini router according to my instructions. Will something change if the settings are in English? This is a router, you configure it, and forget about this control panel. And everything is exactly what language it is. The main thing is that the Internet would work well and stably.

Another point, the router can be configured from a smartphone, or tablet, through the Mi Router app. The application is in English, everything is clear there. We will also consider this option at the end of this article.

This instruction should be suitable not only for Xiaomi mini model, but also for WiFi MiRouter 3, and Mi WiFi Nano.

Xiaomi Mi Router Mini: set up Wi-Fi and Internet

First connect the power to the router, and to the port "Internet" connect the cable from the provider or modem.

Next, we need to go to the settings of the Xiaomi router. First, we will consider the first setup from a computer (laptop). You can connect a computer to a router both by cable (though there is no cable in the kit) or via Wi-Fi. Immediately after turning on, a wireless network with the name "Xiaomi_ some numbers". It is not password protected. We are connected to it.

1 Open any browser, and go to the address miwifi.com (it is indicated at the bottom of the router) Or You can see a detailed article in which I showed how to go to miwifi.com. On the first page, just click on the big Chinese button &# 128578; This is something like a license agreement.

2 Next, you need to set the Wi-Fi network name and password to it. Password must be at least 8 characters. Since the router is dual-band, the password will be the same for networks on two frequencies. It can then be changed in the control panel. We continue to configure.

3 In the next window, we need to set a password that will protect the settings of the router. This password will need to be specified when entering the router settings. Enter the password, and click on the button to continue. If you want the password from the router to be the same as the password from Wi-Fi, you can simply check the box. But I do not advise doing this.

4 We see a message that the router will create two Wi-Fi networks at different frequencies, their names will be indicated there. The router will reboot.

5 In the settings window, if you have not closed it yet, you can click on the button and you will see a message asking you to install the proprietary application on your smartphone to control the Xiaomi router. You can install this application in the App Store, or Google Play, if you need it. It is called Mi Router. Below I will show how to configure the router from the phone through this application.

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If Internet through a router does not work, then you need to configure it.

Entering Xiaomi router settings and setting up connection to the provider

1 Again in the browser, go to miwifi.com. A password prompt appears. Specify the password that you set during the first setup. This is not a password from Wi-Fi, namely from a router.

2 To configure the Internet (connect to the provider), go to the settings on a separate page, as shown below. In the list, select your connection type. Most likely you need to choose PPPoE. Just if you had a type of DHCP connection (Dynamic IP), then the Internet through a router would work without configuration. You can check the type of connection with your provider.

3 After choosing PPPoE, you will need to set the necessary parameters for the connection. These parameters are issued by the Internet provider. Also, they are most likely indicated in the documents that were issued to you when connected to the Internet.

4 If the provider uses MAC address binding, you can change it on the same page below. Just write down the required MAC. Or ask the provider to register the MAC address of your router, which is indicated in this field, or on the device’s case.

You need the router to connect to the Internet and start distributing it to your devices.

Configure 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless networks. Change Wi-Fi Password

Xiaomi Mini Wifi Router Setup

If you want to change the name of the Wi-Fi network, password, channel, or for example disconnect the network at some frequency 5 GHz, or 2.4 GHz, then go to the settings and go to the page as shown below.

If you scroll down the page below, then you will see 5G Wi-Fi settings there, as far as I understand the settings of the guest network and changing the region.

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As you can see, nothing complicated. Even though the settings are in Chinese.

The first setup of a Xiaomi router from a phone or tablet (Mi Router)

You can configure the router from a mobile device. First you need to install the proprietary program Mi Router on the phone. We put it from Google Play, or the App Store. If you do not want to install the application, then you can configure it through the browser of a mobile device, as I showed above.

Connect your smartphone to the Xiaomi router. The Wi-Fi network will have a standard name, and will not be password protected. Also, do not forget to connect the Internet to the router.

I, on the iPhone, immediately after connecting, a window appeared with the configuration of the router. And on Android, in the Mi Router program, you need to select "Set up a new router". We indicate the place where the router is installed, and press the button "Next".

The router will check the Internet connection, and if your provider uses a DHCP connection, you will see a message that the Internet is connected. As I have in the screenshot below. And if you have PPPoE connection technology, you will need to set some parameters (login, password)

The last step is to set a password on the Wi-Fi network, and change the network name. Enter this data and click "Finish".

That’s all, the router setup is complete. If something doesn’t work, then go to the settings through the browser and change the necessary parameters.

Even without flashing the router into English, or Russian, it can be configured without problems, and everything will work. Yes, it’s very difficult to understand the settings in Chinese. Even in English it would be easier. There is an English version of the original firmware, in a separate article I will show how to install it.