Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 4 Router Setup

Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi 4 Router Setup

Xiaomi mi wi fi router 4 – setting up the device is quite easy. The model is new and universal, firmware is still missing. Therefore, the web interface may surprise, it is in Chinese characters.

How to configure mi router 4: step by step

The configuration of the xiaomi mi wifi 4 router is as follows:

Tips for setting up Xiaomi routers

When configuring the router from xiaomi, it is recommended to check the box next to the message "Set the password for the router in the admin. panel". Using this function, the password from the router and the password on the site in the admin panel will be the same.

This is a very convenient function, you will need to remember only 1 password, not two. However, if you are worried about security, you can not use this offer and assign a completely different password.

After installing the network, you should log in to Mi Cloud. Here you need to choose not the region of residence, but the region for which the device was manufactured. Otherwise, the account cannot be opened.

Connect xiaomi mi wifi 4 router

To connect the xiaomi router, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. connect an Internet cable to the router port;
  2. turn on the device;
  3. activate a wireless network on a mobile phone;
  4. Further in the list you should find the required network and connect to it.
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Plugins are the most interesting subsection where you can check the speed, optimize the network, configure a firewall or enable guest wi fi.

Speed ​​check

Check Speed ​​- test the current internet connection speed in ghz. After the request, the screen displays the speed with which the router loads and unloads data and response time.

You can also run a more thorough scan. Here it is measured at what speed the smartphone and router synchronize (local check).

Network optimization

In this section, the program determines the quality of wireless communications. After the verification, it will be proposed to optimize the point that, according to the developers of the program, does not correspond to high-quality data transfer.

To start optimization, click "Start".


Here are the security settings of the local network. Among them:

  • Security – configurations that ensure data security.
  • Blocklist – blacklist. Locked devices are included here. If you need to add a new one, click on the inscription “add”, then “ok”.
  • Blocklist records – here you can see how many devices from the black list tried to log in.
  • Password Strength – the system determines how strong the invented password is. You can also change the password here.
  • Network Security – here you can change the data for entering the admin panel.

Guest Network

Guest access is only available through the WeChat app. When connected, a mobile number will be requested. If the user is not registered in the system, he will be offered the opportunity to pass verification by password.

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This section checks the latest updates for both the router software and the Mi Wifi application.

Other functions

Other useful features include:

  1. Photo Back Up – transfer photos from a mobile device to a router. Images are selected in the gallery manually.
  2. QoS – using this function, you can set the speed of each device connected to the network.
  3. Timer – create a schedule for turning on and off wi fi.
  4. Schedule Reboot – create a schedule for rebooting the router for preventive purposes.