Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Pedometer Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Pedometer Review

Xiaomi Mi Band made a lot of noise in the wearable electronics market. Thanks to this tracker, the company even managed to take 3rd place in sales of fitness bracelets and occupy 17.5% of the global market. And a couple of months ago, the Chinese released a continuation of the legendary Mi Band with the letter 1S and a heart rate sensor. In this review, we understand what’s what.

About positioning

Frankly, I still did not understand why the hero of our review is called Mi Band 1S. Where did this 1S prefix come from? The original gadget is called 小米 手 环, and with the release of the version with a heart rate monitor, the word (or is this not the word?) 光 感 版.

In other words, it’s best to call the device Mi Band Light-sensitive version (hello, Google translator!) Or just add the word Pulse. However, we will call the device as everyone used to call it. Yes, and no one has yet canceled the keywords, you understand.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S on the left

I must say right away that perceiving the Mi Band 1S as the second generation of the gadget is wrong. No one, including the manufacturer itself, claims that a new, revolutionary smart bracelet has entered the market, which should shift the originally created tracker. They added the letter 1S to the name and nothing more, thereby indicating that it was just an advanced version of the popular tracker.

Even the official site, or rather the page on it, has not undergone any changes. In the promotional photos, the same Chinese girl is running around with a bracelet on her hand in the morning and shopping in the evening.

The foregoing is confirmed in practice. They added only one function – pulse measurement. There are no additional pluses, special functions that are not available on the regular Mi Band, here.

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Let’s start the review of Xiaomi Mi Band 1S by unpacking, because the box from under any device from these Chinese guys is interesting in itself. Let me remind you that you can get up on all Xiaomi packages. Boxing withstood my 85 kilograms quite steadily. Slightly crunched, of course, but at the same time did not deform.

Mi Band 1S arrived to me in a small, flattened box before the new year. And I received the usual device at the end of February 2015 in a package of a more cubic form. However, in the subsequent all trackers began to be delivered in flatter boxes. This is not unusual. Next, we will raise the issue of modifications. Keep your finger on the pulse …

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S packaging on the left

Inside, the core itself is neatly stacked right in the center, and under the cardboard cover there is a small compartment for the charging cable, a neatly folded bracelet and an instruction booklet. The text is in full Chinese. Well, what did you want? In the global market, 1S is not yet available.


In this section I will try to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, I’ll talk about the appearance of the device, and at the same time about what has changed in comparison with the original version. Secondly, I will answer the question: How to check Xiaomi Mi Band 1S for originality? Go!

The most obvious change is the appearance of a window with a sensor and LEDs on the back of the tracker. It is slightly protruding above the body, due to which the novelty seems a little thicker than the model released earlier. The sensor is covered with either glass or clear plastic. It’s difficult to determine by touch, but, as it seemed to me, this is ordinary plastic. This is because the window is very quickly covered with scratches. How? I can’t do it.

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The surface of the heart rate sensor quickly becomes scratched

To the left of the sensor is a company logo, and to the right is something like a serial number (CMIIT ID), which is duplicated on the package itself.

This is just one of the subtleties, due to which you can distinguish a fake from the original. I think that the cunning Chinese have arrived in time with copies and are actively pushing them on Ali through dubious sellers.

Another nuance that is worth paying attention to is the model marker, which is located at the end at the junction of the plastic and the metal outer base of the case. The same number can be found on the box. Pay particular attention to the font: it is thin, neat, printed on the case very high quality. I don’t think the fake will be the same.

By the way, I also have a fake in my hands, though the first version of the “May Band” is true. At one time, I wanted to make separate material devoted to this contraption and how to distinguish it from the original, but damn laziness prevailed. Write in the comments if you would be interested to read such an article. If you have enough people, I’ll definitely prepare a comparative review.

We return to our rams. Otherwise, everything is almost identical to the original modification. The same bracelet, the same inscriptions, a similar user experience. Yes, the tactile sensations have changed a little: the new product uses a more dull surface, but this can only be noticed by comparing two accessories head-on. The straps are interchangeable, that is, you do not need to look for some special version for 1S. Everything for sale is universal.

Xiaomi Mi Band 1s Pedometer Review

On the front side is anodized aluminum, which is also easily scratched. Fortunately, a week ago I managed to scratch both gadgets at once. I won’t know where and how. The engine did not seem to be sorted out. This has not happened in all 9 months of using the device, and in one fell swoop it damaged both trackers.

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Still, the gum is rather flimsy. Let’s see how things will be in the new product. I do not think that there will be any noticeable differences in terms of reliability. It feels like it’s the same hypoallergenic silicone, just a little tough.

But the power cable is slightly modified. It became shorter, the wire broke into noodles and so on. See for yourself.

Top cable from Mi Band 1S

Frankly speaking, it does not make much sense to describe all these nuances. Acting on the principle: you need to describe at least something. In fact, there are practically no significant changes, which once again confirms the minority of the update.

At the end of the section a few words about originality.

Remember once and for all that all real straps come in only six colors: black (included), blue, green, yellow, orange and pink.

What you can see in the photo below are fake straps, which are characterized by poor quality materials. All sorts of zebras, khaki and so on – this is also junk, which, moreover, is sold at close cost to the current version. Original accessories of such colors do not exist. We have already examined this question in more detail here.

Technical specifications Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

Perhaps it will be useful to make a comparison, even if there are very few differences.