Xiaomi Mi A1 Repair And Replacement Parts

Xiaomi Mi A1 Repair And Replacement Parts

The smartphones of the Chinese brand Xiaomi are rapidly gaining popularity, occupying leadership positions in the budget category. The devices are characterized by reliability, practicality, optimal performance. Our service center repairs Xiaomi Mi A1 in Minsk using only original spare parts and accessories, high-precision diagnostic equipment and certified software. Therefore, we work quickly, efficiently and at the right price.

Screen breakdowns and their causes

Most often, replacing glass on the screen of the Mi A1 is necessary for mechanical breakdowns resulting from falls, shocks. Cracks, scratches, broken pixels and a significant deterioration in the quality of images, reproducible form and other content are clear signs that you need to seek professional help.

If after dropping the phone out of your pocket, handbag, or hitting the floor, asphalt, rainbow stains appeared, the darkened areas or the sensor stopped responding to user actions, which means that a comprehensive replacement of the Xiaomi Mi A1 display and installation of the sensor module are required.

In the course of work, it is strongly recommended to use only “native” parts and carry out diagnostics of other elements to detect hidden damage and malfunctions. In our service center you will find a full range of related services and official guarantees for the services provided.

Housing defects

When falling from a height, not only the screen, the display and the sensor module that are sensitive to mechanical loads and impacts are damaged, various defects of the monoblock case also occur. They lead to serious damage – dusting the electronic "filling", the formation of corrosion and rusting of metal elements. Replacing the back cover will help prevent the risk of moisture, debris getting inside the device, protect it from damage to the motherboard, processor, loops and contacts.

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Repair of Xiaomi Mi A1 side buttons and screen lock keys are necessary when these elements are deformed or when backlash, cracks, oxidation of contacts occur. We will perform all the required work as soon as possible, at a high professional level.

Xiaomi Mi A1 Repair And Replacement Parts

Charging and battery problems

In cases where the phone does not charge, charges excessively long or does not hold charging at all, a Redmi Mi A1 battery needs replacement or a charger repair. Our experts will identify the real cause of the malfunction during the diagnosis and quickly fix the problem.

If moisture gets inside the device, there are also problems with the process of recharging the battery. The reason may lie in the oxidation of the charging slot or its deformation (if the smartphone fell). Replacing the charging socket of the Xiaomi A1 will eliminate common problems, returning the device to a full life.