Why Your Ipad Does Not Turn On And What To Do In Such Situations

Why Your Ipad Does Not Turn On And What To Do In Such Situations

Fashionable "apple" technology has long gained confidence in the market and has become a kind of symbol of reliability. However, unfortunately, even expensive, thought-out to the smallest details gadgets manufactured by Apple are prone to breakdowns. Why iPad does not turn on and how to deal with various types of malfunctions?

This is one of the most common reasons why the iPad does not turn on at all or turns on, but the screen does not show any signs of life. The only way to deal with this situation is to reinstall the operating system, that is, roll it back. Often, in order to rectify the situation, simply hold down the Power and Home buttons for a few seconds. If everything went well, the cherished apple will appear on the display, and soon the iPad will turn on.

Power Button Issues

It also happens that for some reason the button responsible for turning on the device fails. It is very simple to make sure that the cause of the fault lies in this. To do this, just connect the iPad to the charger. If the charging indicator lights up on the screen, then the problem is precisely in the power button.

A fairly common reason why the iPad does not turn on is the ingress of moisture inside the device. Sometimes you can correct the situation by disassembling the gadget and drying all its parts for several days. However, it will be much more logical and safer to take it to a service center for cleaning the board. If this is not done in a timely manner, the board may oxidize under the influence of moisture, and subsequent repairs will be much more expensive (perhaps the device will not be repaired at all).

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Damage to the charging connector

Identifying this problem is a bit more difficult. If problems arose with the charger connector, nothing will happen when you connect a fully discharged iPad to it. True, there is a possibility that the connector is simply dirty, and this is what interferes with normal charging. Nevertheless, its cleaning should be entrusted to a specialist.

Short circuit

Why Your Ipad Does Not Turn On And What To Do In Such Situations

Surprisingly, it is short circuits that often become the reason why the iPad does not turn on. It would seem how can they even happen? Subject to all the rules of operation of the gadget really nothing. However, say, when using a non-original device for charging, an electrical impulse can hit several components at once. In this case, the only way out is to replace all damaged elements in the service center.

The following situation is quite common. IPad does not turn on: the apple is on, and nothing else is happening on the screen. The reasons for this may be different. The first and simplest is software problems, which can be solved by flashing the gadget using iTunes. But there is also always the possibility that the reason for this behavior of the iPad is a malfunction of the internal elements of the device – in this case, again, you can’t do without the intervention of specialists.

Why iPad Mini doesn’t work?

The reasons why the iPad Mini does not turn on are exactly the same as those of its “big brother”. standard iPad. Therefore, the measures that need to be taken remain the same: an attempt to charge the device or restore the system using iTunes or contacting the Apple service center.