Why You Do Not Need To Update Iphone 5s On Ios 11 (Review, Overview)

Why You Do Not Need To Update Iphone 5s On Ios 11 (Review, Overview)

September 19th (release date) is out Ios 11, many have already managed to upgrade, because so many chips have been announced. Some even thought that augmented reality would “fly” into their 5S. It will be possible to launch cool games, measure a person’s height – but figs! Let’s not pull the rubber and go straight to the "tin"

Battery life

Yes, iOS 11 "eats" the battery charge, if not in itself. What? Similar problems happened before when iOS 7, 8, 9, 10 updates arrived. Then everything was decided, but, for example, it seems to me that the most optimal power consumption was in iOS 6. Unfortunately, in the first build of the official release of the 11th version of ayos there are obvious problems with charge consumption – that’s for sure. And keep in mind that on my iPhone everything is optimized for minimum consumption: geolocation services are disabled, sleep modes are configured, if there is no need, cellular data transmission is disabled, only supported network types are selected (4G is not supported by the operator) and much more.

Games and programs do not start

I was going to play my favorite igruha, in which just the other day I fell ill, and I went through a bunch of puzzles, after six months of inactivity. In general, I launch it, and: “It is necessary to update such a game. The developer needs to update this program to work with iOS 11. "
Well, that’s it, the mood is ruined. The developer is unlikely to update, there is not even advertising there, but I received it for free, it seems, in the framework of some wave of unprecedented generosity of Apple, which is called "on the ball."

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On speed

Yes, now my iPhone 5S starts up and takes much longer than it did for the “tens”. By the way, do not forget that the “nine” worked even faster. Wow, we’ll be waiting for an hour to download. Although no, I’m joking, the smartphone will not receive the next update at all.

The keyboard slows down

Why You Do Not Need To Update Iphone 5s On Ios 11 (Review, Overview)

Thank you, of course, but at least the first day of rolling updates, the keyboard was buggy, wildly. The set of letters just pissed me off, it felt like I had a dumbman Android smartphone on Android 2.3 Gingerbread for 20. To be honest, I’ll say that after a while the cache was created and it got better, but the set is not perfect anyway.


Wow, here you guys are just d # beats. Now, instead of streaming playback “on the fly”, some kind of built-in player has appeared, which does not tear out the direct address from the player, but plays according to some unknown schemes. It has become worse to work, because it takes longer to load, often glitches, often does not reproduce at all. I looked at the iPad, there is no such crap (there is an old version of iOS). The same vidosiki play normally.
And with some update on the “top ten” the opportunity to listen to videos from YouTube in the locked screen mode disappeared. Yes, what do you think when you do this?
Now you have to use the stupid UC Browser to listen in the background, fine, right?

That’s all, do not forget that an article came out from me yesterday that reveals as many as 3 reasons why it is worth upgrading to iOS 11.