Why Xiaomi Phone Does Not Turn On

Why Xiaomi Phone Does Not Turn On

While using the Xiaomi smartphone, it can happen rather unpleasant and, at first glance, an incomprehensible situation – the phone turned off does not turn on. What can be ways to solve this problem and what can it be?

Of course, for each individual smartphone, the problems can be completely different and various factors influence their appearance, but we will consider the most common ones.

Problem number 1. Deep discharge

A fairly common problem is that the Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on and the red LED flashes. This may indicate a complete discharge of the battery. In this case, the smartphone does not have enough energy to start the system, and therefore – pressing the power button does not lead to the desired result.

Solution: put the smartphone on charge and only after a while (one hour) try turning it on with a long press on the power button (10 seconds)

But there may be a problem – a damaged charging cable. Try connecting some other smartphone or any other device to it and see if it will be charging. Replace the cable if necessary.

This also includes the problem with a broken USB port in the smartphone, which will require replacement in the service center.

Problem number 2. System freeze

The second common problem is a failure in the system, which turns off the smartphone and does not allow it to turn on normally.

Solution: for smartphones with a removable back cover, you can try to get the battery and reinstall it in the smartphone, and then try to turn it on. For most, for which the covers are non-removable, there is another way – a long press on the power button for up to 10 seconds. In this case, a deep reboot will be made and there is a possibility that the smartphone will be able to turn on.

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This is described in more detail in the article:

Problem number 3. Damage to the power button and other mechanical damage

Why Xiaomi Phone Does Not Turn On

There are situations when the inability to turn on the smartphone is associated with mechanical damage that occurred when the device crashed or as a result of a manufacturing defect.

In this case, most likely, you will need to contact the service center to find the fault and fix it.

It can also be due to a malfunction of the power controller when the smartphone does not turn on and does not charge. To check this, you need to insert a knowingly charged battery into the smartphone and try to turn it on.

Problem number 4. Firmware Failure

Very often you can encounter a problem when the screen lights up, but the smartphone does not load. This is due to a malfunction in the firmware. To resolve this issue, you will need to reinstall the software. One way might be to use the Mi Flash application.