Why Motorola Does Not See A Sim Card

Why Motorola Does Not See A Sim Card

Your Does Motorola not see the sim card? You cannot make calls and receive messages? Naturally, there are reasons for this, which we will now try to understand.

Why does the Motorola phone not see the SIM card?

First of all, try inserting another card if Motorola does not accept a SIM card, then the reason may be as follows:

one. Motorola does not see a sim card, if, as a result of liquid entering the middle of the device, the contacts of the reader are oxidized. There is only one way out of this situation – to clean the contacts. You can try to do it yourself, but it is best to entrust the task to a specialist, since this is a rather fragile part. It is necessary to clean very carefully, because you can break the contacts;

2. Motorola writes insert SIM card in case the reader is defective. Despite the fact that this is a fairly reliable part, it can still fail. In order to resume work, it is necessary to replace this part. The employees of our service center will be able to do this quickly;

3. Motorola does not read the SIM card, if the microchip is controlled by a SIM card. If it fails, then you will have to replace it with a new one;

four. Motorola does not detect a sim card most often after drops, bumps or moisture. The mechanical effect is negatively displayed on the health of the cell. If moisture gets into the device, first of all, unplug it and let it dry. Even if after some time the mobile starts working again, it is not necessary to continue further operation, as other, quite important components can fail.

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Motorola does not recognize SIM card The same is true if the sim card itself is faulty. It is very fragile and in order to disable it, you will not have to put a lot of effort. Inspect it carefully; there may be cracks or scratches. It is the careless treatment of the owner himself that leads to such deplorable results.

What to do? Output:

If your Motorola loses SIM card, Do not delay with the solution to this problem. Our service center will carry out diagnostics and identify the cause of the breakdown. We employ only highly qualified specialists who will repair Motorola fast, high quality and at an affordable price. We have a huge warehouse of original spare parts, which allows us to speed up the repair process as much as possible.

Life example:

The young man dropped Motorola into the water, after which it ceased to function. The problem is that Motorola does not find a sim card. The wizards performed a complete diagnosis of the phone and found that the contacts of the reader were oxidized. The specialist quickly cleaned them. We carried out a post-repair quality control, after which we issued a guarantee for the entire device.

In our service center:

– Diagnostics is completely free. This usually happens with the client and only on special professional equipment;

Why Motorola Does Not See A Sim Card

– a guarantee is issued by us completely to the entire device during any repair, and not just to the replaced part;

– after repair, free quality control is necessarily done;

– discounts on repairs;

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– we have only original spare parts. We supply spare parts throughout Russia, and because of this, repair prices are cheaper;

– after the first repair, you will be given a VIP client card for a discount on further service 10% -40%.

Stock! Until the end of the month, with any repair, ultrasonic cleaning is free.

The best service conditions only in our service!