Why Does The Phone Charge Slowly What Can I Do In This Case

Why Does The Phone Charge Slowly What Can I Do In This Case

If the phone is slowly charging, then you should not think that the problem is only in the charger or battery. In fact, the problem, as well as its solution, can be much simpler. What to do if the phone is slowly charging or not charging at all? What are the causes of this problem?

Bad contact

Quite often, the metal coating has poor contact inside the USB port or at the charger cable. This can be either a defect caused by the manufacturer or cable wear.

What should I do if the phone is slowly charging due to poor contact? Turn off the device and remove the battery if possible. After that, all contacts should be cleaned with something like a thin needle. This must be done very carefully and carefully. After cleaning, replace the battery and reconnect the charger. Often this method helps to restore the normal charging process.

Dust and debris in the charging port

Many carry their gadgets in jeans pockets, and they have small fibers that can cause the phone to charge slowly. Masters very often encounter just such an incident. What to do if fibers or dust clogged in the connector? It can be brought back to normal by blowing compressed air from a spray can. You can use a powerful cold air dryer or compressor. After cleaning, the phone starts charging normally.

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Cable replacement

Throughout the charger, the cable is the most fragile part. Due to constant bends, it quickly fails, as a result of which the phone charges very slowly. What to do? The easiest way to diagnose a damaged cable is to temporarily replace it with another one. In the event that another cable with the device works as it should, then the original wire is faulty. If not, the reason is not in it.

Adapter replacement

So, the cable problem is out of the question, but is the phone charging slowly anyway? In this case, the charger itself must be checked for operability. If the design allows you to pull the cable from the adapter, then the check will be simple. Often you may encounter chargers whose ports have been severely worn out due to the large number of cord connections and disconnections.

You also need to check the adapter and cable on other phones. This will help ensure that the problem is not related to the mobile device itself. And it will be useful to check the outlet.

Safety is the main thing

Do not charge the device near water or in very humid conditions, as well as in very hot conditions. No need to keep the device connected to electricity for too long. If it charges in just three hours, then why leave it recharged all night? Because of this, after a while the phone slowly charges and quickly discharges.

If there is a need to replace the wire or the charger itself, then you need to be careful, since cheap copies from Chinese manufacturers can be sources of danger. Recently, there has been an increasing number of cases of fire of mobile phones due to poor-quality adapters.

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Battery Replacement

Battery life cannot last forever. After 4-5 years of use, its capacity is lost, which is why the phone slowly charges. The more often charging and discharging processes occur, the sooner the battery will deteriorate. If the battery stops working after only six months of use, then this is not normal. In this case, you should contact the seller.

Sometimes a defective battery can be easily identified after inspection. If it is swollen, it should be replaced immediately.

Charging from the right source

Many people charge their gadgets from computers and laptops. They have a question: why is the phone charging slowly? Computer ports have too little power. From the outlet, the phone will always charge much faster.

The problem may lie in the fact that the adapter is used from a completely different device, for example, from a headset, which is not designed for the phone at all. You can often hear a complaint that the Samsung phone is slowly charging. At the same time, users charge it with an adapter from other models. But all adapters supply different output voltages.

Software update or rollback to previous version

Updates on the phone can negatively affect the battery life of the phone. This is especially true when the old model is updated to the new version. "Android". Fresh models are usually optimized for updates.

If the reason lies precisely in this, then you can try to roll back to the previous version of the software. For starters, it makes sense to try to reset the factory settings, as device manufacturers often recommend. This will help to avoid data loss due to a different version of the operating system.

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In the same way, the charging problem can be solved by installing a newer version of the software.

Phone off

Often applications run in the background. Their use significantly affects the duration of the charging process. For example, if a browser is running, "Skype" and something else, the smartphone will need much more time to fully charge.

You can turn off the device and put it on charge. So the process will go faster.

Calibration of the battery indicator

In conclusion, you need to remember another type of problem: the indicator on the screen shows that the charge is full, and the device turns off very quickly and requires recharging. Most people think that the battery is unusable. But often the reason lies elsewhere. This happens after flashing the phone. After its completion, battery calibration is necessary, which many people forget. The bottom line is that after replacing the firmware, the phone does not know how much charge remained. Therefore, you need to calibrate the display so that the correct battery charge is indicated.