Whatsapp Without A Phone Number Like This

Whatsapp Without A Phone Number Like This

Whatsapp, as you probably already know from our many (and hopefully useful) articles, is a very popular text messaging service for chatting in individual or group conversations, sharing media files (photos, videos, music) and generally having a good time senses. Basically, its use is relevant on smartphones (at least the most common option), but it happens that Votsap is needed both on the tablet and on the laptop, where there are no SIM cards by definition. Is it possible to use a mobile service without a phone number at all?

In order to use Whatsapp without a phone number, you need to apply one trick, which we will talk about now.

How to set up Vatsap without a phone number

The first steps, in principle, are no different from the classical installation scheme, but then you will need to resort to the help of an additional utility. And this is not at all scary and uncomplicated.

  1. Download the latest, updated version of the program (we wrote earlier about how to download Vatsap for the phone)
  2. If you already have an account in the messenger, then you can restore chats through Google Drive.
  3. When the download is complete, install the application and close it without going to the next step.

And now the hack you’ve been waiting for so long. Now is the time to have a virtual number for Vatsap.

How to get a virtual number?

There are many free services on the Web where you can register a number for various manipulations in online services. But Vatsap most of them will simply weed out due to unsuitability – because we need to send a text message with a verification code. We don’t know exactly how it distinguishes real sets of numbers from fake ones, but the fact is that it’s probably not the first or even the third of them. But some will definitely do! If you also want to play spy games, like us, then try to learn how to read someone else’s correspondence in Vatsap.

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Instructions for Vatsap without SIM:

  1. Install the Virtual SIM application – it will provide the number for receiving the verification code.
  2. Once this operation is completed, you can easily remove this utility from your smartphone.

Then everything is very simple and somewhat reminds the usual procedure for registering an account:

– Go back to Votsap and enter the numbers of the virtual SIM that the program generated for you;

– Virtual SIM will receive a code to confirm registration, which you copy and paste into the Whatsapp window.

We hope you have succeeded.

Whatsapp Without A Phone Number Like This

Now you can log into WhatsApp without a SIM card (real) and use all the advantages of the messenger for bright and productive communication with friends on the device that you like best.

We still have a lot of interesting things, and if you are eager to find out any more chips, read, for example, is it possible to sit in Whatsapp from two numbers.

Keep up to date with the latest technical and informational innovations, stay tuned for interesting software with us. We wish you success!

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