Whatsapp Web On Android – Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp Web On Android - Whatsapp Web

Currently, WhatsApp Web, which is a special extension for the popular Google Chrome browser, is very popular.

Whatsapp Web Features

This system makes it possible to carry out:

In this case, it is only necessary to install additional plugins.

You just need to download the program, after which you have access to unlimited communication. Also, the interface of this system is very simple, there are no bells and whistles.

Votsap Web still provides access to other popular SMS exchange services.

Whatsapp Web Features

To gain access to all the functionality, you must go through authorization. In this case, you should read the special QR code from the main page when using your mobile device.

After that, in automatic mode, there is a binding to the Votsap Web extension and you can perform all the actions on the computer as on a mobile device.

Since it is much more convenient and much faster to type a message or send a file using a computer. The user has the opportunity to save his own time and chat with his friends and relatives.

If you like this idea, you can download the program to be able to use all the functions of this great application.

Votsap is a very convenient program that was originally developed exclusively for smartphones. But today it is possible to install the system on a PC.

However, we must remember that on the Internet there are a large number of various resources offering to download the program on a PC. But you must be careful! Officially, this version is not. For this reason, mistakes can be made.

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But there are two proven ways to use the application. You can install the system through an emulator.

Install WhatsApp

Whatsapp Web On Android - Whatsapp Web

The emulator is a special application that makes it possible to adapt the application to work in Windows OS. Mostly used BlueStax. You can download this program for free.

  1. BlueStax should be installed, after which all ARC programs will be opened through this system.
  2. You need to download Votsap with the extension of the ARC.
  3. Next you need to open the file, click on the “Accept, continue” button.
  4. To install the utility in Russian, select Russia in the list of countries.
  5. Then you need to enter your phone number.
  6. Then you need to check the correctness of the number. It is necessary to pay attention that only a really existing number is entered, since the code that is needed for further activation of the system will come to it.
  7. Then you should wait. The system will send a message, but since the installation of the messenger is carried out on a PC, it will not be able to do this. After a couple of minutes, the system will offer to receive a voice confirmation, after which you need to click on "Call me." They will call the phone and tell you the code.
  8. The code must be entered in a specific field, after which it is worth entering your own name and upload an avatar.

After that, the installation can be considered completed.

Further you just need to add contacts. Unfortunately, the program will not do this in automatic mode, for this reason everything will need to be done manually.

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After installing WhatsApp Web, you can freely communicate with relatives and friends who are located elsewhere on the planet. Also send audio recordings, videos, graphic files, voice messages, etc.

This program is a great way to save on messages.