Whatsapp On Computer

Whatsapp On Computer

Whatsapp Messenger is a convenient application designed for online communication via SMS messages and calls. You can download Whatsapp to a computer in Russian absolutely free by clicking on the buttons below:

Initially, the program was created exclusively for smartphones, but recently, developers have taken care of PC users and released the official version. Now owners of modern PCs can install Whatsapp for a computer without an emulator without any problems, spending no more than ten to fifteen minutes on it.

The official version of WhatsApp for a computer without an emulator

Until recently, it was impossible to download and install Vatsap on a computer in Russian, but today absolutely every desktop owner can download Vatsap for PC. Thanks to the developers for the new version, in which it is possible to receive and send messages from a computer without SMS and registration.

Important: this option is only suitable for owners of Windows 8 and above, for earlier versions, the option with the web version or Emulator is suitable (they are in the article below)

What needs to be done to install Vatsap on a computer?

    First of all, download the installation file.

After downloading what suits your case, open this file. A QR code will appear in the window that you will see in front of you.

3. After the code is in the correct position with respect to the screen, automatic verification will occur. After that, you can immediately start using the application. But here you need to warn: a feature of Vacap is that the application on the PC will not work if it does not start on the phone. Therefore, for example, using this application on a computer if your smartphone is broken does not work.

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The installation process on average takes about 10-15 minutes. Throughout this time, you need a stable Internet connection without viruses, and therefore we recommend that you take care of connecting your smartphone to Wi-Fi in advance.

Web version

There is another way – use the web version of WhatsApp. In order to download the vote up to a personal computer, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  • In the browser, go to web.whatsapp.com;
  • Launch the application on your smartphone, go to the main menu and activate the service in the browser via the QR code.
  • This will complete the installation, since the synchronization of contact chats will be carried out automatically. The answer to the question of how to install Vatsap on a computer is received.

For the second method, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The computer should use only the Google Chrome browser or anyone created on the basis of the same engine. This requirement is due to the fact that other browsers are not able to display the QR code through which the scanner connects to the service.
  2. The mobile device must be connected to the Internet, and Vatsap must be launched on the smartphone.
  3. Installation is via a smartphone that runs on Android.

Features of the new version

Whatsapp On Computer

The crazy popularity that this messenger has gained for communication can be explained by the presence of a number of advantages of this program over similar online services:

  • The app is free. Users can communicate with it using an unlimited amount of time;
  • In the application, you can create a chat that will allow you to communicate simultaneously with several interlocutors at once;
  • The application features allow you to send messages to anywhere in the world for free. In order to download Vatsap to your computer for free, go to our website w-hatsapp.ru, upload a file and get access to unlimited online communication.
  • Authorization in the application is carried out by the individual cell phone number of the user;
  • The latest version of Votsap for the computer has a huge number of additional features, such as geolocation, message history, mailing files and much more.
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All these advantages allowed Whatsapp for the computer to confidently take and maintain leadership positions in its market segment. But what if you urgently need to use the service on a computer, for example, in a situation where you need to read and respond to an urgent message, and there is no smartphone at hand? You will have to spend time and download the messenger messenger to your computer using one of the methods below. For those who are interested in whether there is a computer version, you can put the program on a regular PC or not, we answer – such an opportunity exists. Moreover, today there are several options for answering the question of how to install Vatsap on a PC.

Install Whatsapp Messendger for PC using emulator

The third installation method is designed for outdated OS and involves the use of a special BlueStax emulator, with which it is possible to use programs originally designed for Android on a Windows PC. We tell this method for those who cannot or do not want to download the regular version for the computer. In this case, the software installation is carried out in accordance with the following points:

  • We install the bluestacks android emulator on your computer, before that make sure that you have an account on Google and Twitter (the second is optional) and that you remember the passwords from them.
  • Run the installation file and go through the registration. You will be asked to enter your Google account (directly from Bluestax) and immediately transferred to the PlayMarket page;
  • Usually in other instructions you can find information that due to the fact that Vatsap is installed on a PC, the system will not be able to do everything according to the instructions and send an activation code to the specified phone number. Therefore, users are invited to wait for the “call me” offer and click on it, after which they should call and dictate the activation code of the program on the phone. Which is strange, since the call should arrive all on the same specified phone. Our SMS has arrived safely =)
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After activating the program, you will need to manually add your contacts to it, then the service can be used without any restrictions.