What To Do If Whatsapp Notifications On The Smartphone Do Not Come

What To Do If Whatsapp Notifications On The Smartphone Do Not Come

Normally, after exiting it, the messenger continues to work in the background: the application is minimized, you do not use it, but the calls are on, and notifications about incoming messages work. If WhatsApp notifications are coming, it means some kind of device malfunction has occurred or its settings have been changed. We will tell you how to fix the problem on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, and also give separate instructions for Xiaomi and Meizu.

Check and configure the Internet

The first reason why notifications in Vatsap on iPhone and Android are not coming are problems with the Internet. Let’s start with him. First check if there is a connection. We open the browser and make the transition to any site. If the page opens without delay or with minimal delay:

  • Check if your router and access point settings are configured correctly (permission for socket and non-Web connections). The issue is resolved by calling your mobile operator.
  • Try changing the network connection.
  • Also, if there are no WhatsApp notifications, you can try switching from Wi-Fi (if used) to mobile data, or vice versa.

The second reason why notifications are not received on Android in Votsap is the weak Internet signal received via mobile data. Try this: open the Wi-Fi settings, then “Options” and “Wi-Fi in sleep mode”. Select "Do not turn off." This will help if the Internet signal that the device receives via mobile data is too weak or unstable.

If all else fails

I went through all the methods, but WhatsApp notifications on Android and Iphone still do not work? Perhaps there was a failure in the messenger or the device itself. You can also try:

  • Reboot your smartphone.
  • Connect the smartphone to power. Perhaps, due to the power saving mode, the background operation of the applications is turned off.
  • Maybe in Watsap, notifications disappeared due to violations in application preferences. You must return this option to its original state:
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Section "Settings", then "Applications"

"Menu" and the button "Reset Settings".

  • Exit the web version of the messenger. Open the program on the device, click on the “Menu” (three vertical dots, the upper right corner), select “WhatsApp Web” and “Exit from all computers”.
  • If the problem appeared after downloading the latest version, try uninstalling the application and installing it again. We already wrote about how to upgrade the Vacap for Android.
  • Remove all "task killer" applications, if installed.
  • Sign out of Hangouts and sign in again.
  • Check if the sound is turned on in the device itself, whether the “Airplane” or “Do Not Disturb” mode is activated.
  • What To Do If Whatsapp Notifications On The Smartphone Do Not Come

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These instructions are suitable for most popular platforms. You may encounter slight differences in wording, but this will not affect your understanding of the process. A separate case, if WhatsApp notifications on Windows Phone stopped coming: pay special attention to the quality of the Internet and to the item regarding the battery saving mode.

For owners of Xiaomi and Meizu smartphones

The devices of these companies are positioned as the most “long-playing” ones, capable of working for a long time without recharging. In fact, manufacturers are a little cunning: this advantage is not achieved due to the increased battery capacity. Task Manager by default blocks the work of third-party applications in the background. As soon as you close the messenger, it completely turns off and is offline. Accordingly, WhatsApp does not show notification messages or an incoming call.

  • Section "Settings", then "Advanced Settings".
  • Button "Battery", then "Application Management".
  • We look in the list of WhatsApp and click on the "No Limit" button.
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Next, you need to connect the autorun: open the "Tools", click the "Security" button; Then the buttons “Permissions” and “Autostart”;

In the list, look for Vatsap and activate autorun (move the slider to the right).

Now the messenger will be able to work even when Vatsap is off. A few additional settings:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • “Battery”, then “Power”, “Settings” and “RAM cleaning” should be set to “Never”. Theoretically, this minimizes the likelihood that the system will still disable the messenger, but the overall speed of the smartphone will decrease.
  • “Notifications”, click on the application icon and put all the sliders in the active position.
  • We launch and minimize WhatsApp, now the button "Recent Applications", open additional. messenger menu (pull its icon down) and put the lock. If nothing helps, uninstall the program and download it again. And how to install WhatsApp on the phone through a computer, we already wrote.

Thank you very much. Everything is working! Reply ↓

My wife turned off the background several times "parishes" messages in vatsap after when she had a weak charge. After fully charging, the message did not arrive. They checked everything, everywhere everything is included. We decided to uninstall and reinstall. In the playmarket, it turned out that some applications were waiting for updates. Vatsap was not among them, but after the update, he began to work as before. And so I him "treated" already three times. I mean when the charge ran out, the Internet did not work and of course the vatsap, and after charging it did not work either, and it was necessary to update all (or some) applications to make it work. Strange, but true. Reply ↓