What To Do If The Home Button On The Ipad Is Broken

What To Do If The Home Button On The Ipad Is Broken

Despite the excellent build quality and reliability of the software, even Apple products are not immune from all kinds of crashes and breakdowns. Often, the Home button becomes the object of failure on "apple" devices. In this article, we will try to understand the causes of such an annoying failure, and also find out ways to resolve it. These tips are relevant for both smartphones and tablets iPad Mini and iPad 2,3,4th generation.

As you know, the Home button on tablets and Apple smartphones is made of glass. And glass, as you know, is an extremely fragile material that can easily be damaged by rough handling. And if your iPad often fell on a hard surface or came into contact with sharp objects, then breaking a home button should hardly surprise you. However, often, Home stops working due to software crashes. And just then it starts to stick, “stick” or simply stops responding to touch.

Thus, there are three main types of damage to the front button on the iPad Mini or another gadget from Apple:

  1. Software crash
  2. Mechanism or pad contamination
  3. Mechanical breakdown buttons

If the first breakdown can be eliminated by simple calibration of the button, then the remaining defects will be much more difficult to eliminate, but there is a big chance that you can deal with the problem yourself.

DIY Home Button Repair on iPad

So, imagine that on your tablet iPad mini (or iPhone) the Home button has stopped functioning. What to do? Here are four basic ways to fix this problem:

  • Button Calibration
  • Contact Cleansing
  • Replacing the Home Button with Touch Control
  • Correcting the position of the connector
  • Each of these repair methods requires a separate consideration.


To restore viability to the Home button, try a calibration. To do this, launch any standard application on your iPad Mini or other Apple tablet, whether it is weather or a calendar. Hold down the power button until the power-off screen saver appears, and then release it. Now hold Home and hold it until the shutdown screen saver disappears from the tablet’s monitor. All! Your button is calibrated. However, unfortunately, the percentage of devices “cured” in this way is extremely small. But it’s still worth a try!

Correcting the position of the connector

If the front button on your iPad suddenly completely ceases to show signs of life, then perhaps you just need to fix the location of the connector. To do this, take the standard USB plug (which is included with the device) and connect it to the device. Place your finger under the bottom of the plug and slightly raise it. Try Home by clicking on it. If it does not work, then further pressure can only damage the connector. So go on to the next way to “treat” your iPad.

Cleaning the pad and lubricating the push button mechanism

One of the common ways to fix a broken Home button is to use cleaning and lubricants, such as alcohol and WD-40 aerosol (better known as a wedge). This material is used as a lubricant in such areas as the aeronautical, electromechanical, and arms industries. However, for the repair of a broken “home” button on your iPad, this wonderful material is also quite suitable.

  1. Use a small amount of wedges on the button
  2. Quickly press Home several times in a row (approximately 15 times) so that the product penetrates the gap between the button and the protective glass of the device.
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It is worth remembering that WD-40 is an extremely fluid substance, so it can easily penetrate into any gaps. Therefore, use the material sparingly, otherwise it may spread and get between the protective glass and the touch panel, which will cause greasy stains.

If you do not have this tool, then you can use ordinary alcohol to clean our buttons.

  1. Dripping a small amount of alcohol over the entire surface of the button
  2. 10 times click on the Home button so that the fluid can get to the contact mechanism
  3. Wait 2 minutes for the alcohol to dry completely.

This technique should in most cases help to restore the functionality of the button on the iPad Mini, iPad 2 and newer models. However, if your breakdown is mechanical, calibrating or cleaning with alcohol is unlikely to help. In this case, the only way is to take the iPad to a service center or reassign Home to touch control.

Reassigning the Home Button to iPad Mini 2 and 4th Generation iPad

The latest versions of iOS installed on the new iPad Mini and other Apple tablets have an excellent Assistive Touch option. With this option, you can switch the Home functions to gesture control.

To enable Assistive Touch go to the settings of your Mini, then to "General". There, find "Universal Access", where the Assistive Touch option will be located. Set it to the ON position. After that, a special icon will be displayed on the screen, when clicked, a menu will appear. There you can control the functions of the Home, Power buttons and volume buttons directly on the touch screen.

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This menu opens in any application for the iPad Mini or iPad 4, so the need for the Home button with it simply disappears.