What To Do If Ipad Does Not Turn On

What To Do If Ipad Does Not Turn On

Even the highest quality equipment is not immune from malfunctions. And Apple gadgets, having won the trust of users with their reliability, were no exception. But if your iPad doesn’t turn on, don’t panic. The cause of this is not necessarily a breakdown, it can be commonplace and easily fixed.

Full battery discharge

If your iPad does not turn on, you must connect it to a power source. Perhaps the cause of the problem is a fully discharged battery. Usually the tablet’s charge is enough to illuminate an empty battery, but it happens that we don’t see anything but a black screen. It is recommended to charge the gadget for at least 20 minutes. Then you should try turning it on. If the screen displays a red battery, the iPad is low, so you need to continue charging. If there are no changes, try changing the power source (plug into a different outlet, change the charger).

Problem with firmware

The battery is charged, but the iPad does not turn on, what should I do? This sometimes happens after updating the firmware or installing unlicensed programs. The solution in this case is to reinstall the operating system. Try holding the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. Turn on your iPad with the Power button. If an apple appears on the display, it means the problem is fixed, the tablet will turn on soon.

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If the reboot did not solve the problem, you can try reinstalling the iOS operating system using iTunes.

Tablet items malfunction

Another reason why the iPad does not turn on may be a malfunction of the gadget.

The power button is faulty

Sometimes it happens that the Power button crashes and stops working. Diagnosing this problem yourself is not difficult – you just need to connect your iPad to the charger. When the battery indicator appears on the display, you can be sure that the power button does not work.

Broken charging connector

It’s a bit more difficult to detect a connector malfunction, because when you connect a fully discharged tablet to the charger, nothing will happen. However, there is a possibility that contact is missing due to contamination of the connector. So, the cleaning up can become the solution to the problem.


What To Do If Ipad Does Not Turn On

Moisture inside the tablet may also cause the iPad to not turn on. You can try to cope with this problem yourself. To do this, you need to disassemble the device and let it dry for several days. But this is quite risky, since the board can oxidize from moisture. Repairing it will be expensive, and maybe the iPad will not be repaired at all. Therefore, it is much more prudent to take the gadget to a service center to clean the board as soon as possible.

Short circuit

Another common reason that the iPad shuts down and does not turn on is short circuits. Incredible seems their very ability in the tablet. With proper operation it is. Mostly a short circuit occurs due to the use of a non-original charger. In this case, an electrical impulse can damage some elements of the device. The only solution in this case is to replace damaged elements.

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iPad does not start and apple burns

Quite often this happens: the iPad does not turn on, but the apple burns. The simplest explanation for this is a software malfunction. The problem is solved in this case by flashing the device using iTunes. Another explanation for this gadget behavior is a malfunction of the internal elements of the tablet, which means you will need the help of a specialist.

If an apple burns on your iPad, but it doesn’t turn on, do not panic. Perhaps nothing serious has happened, and you yourself can restore its performance. However, in some cases (moisture, for example), it is better to contact a service center for help.