What To Do If Ipad Does Not Turn On

What To Do If Ipad Does Not Turn On

Owners of Apple iPad tablets consider their technology so reliable that sudden crashes and malfunctions plunge people into a stupor. If your iPad does not turn on, do not be afraid – any situation can be corrected. It is possible that it did not break, but simply hung, because software breakdowns are not particularly rare. In this review, we will consider all situations and find out what to do if the iPad does not turn on and does not charge.

IPad does not turn on due to charging

If the iPad does not turn on, the problem may lie in the low battery level. Deep discharge often leads to the fact that tablet computers do not turn on at all or turn off one or two minutes after the start. Therefore, the first thing you should do in this situation is to put the tablet on charge and leave it alone for several hours. During this time, the battery will be charged, and you can try to turn on the iPad again – most likely, a new attempt will succeed.

You charged the iPad, but it turned out that it does not turn on again? In this case, you need to check the charger. It may not give the desired charging current, preventing the normal charging of the battery. If you leave the iPad for a long charge, then with a broken charger, this will have absolutely no effect. To check the operability of the memory, use another tablet or iPhone. You can also try another charger on your tablet or even try to recharge from the USB port of your computer.

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If you are sure that just a few hours ago the battery was full, still put your tablet on charge – it is possible that in these few hours the battery is completely exhausted.

Make a reset

Stationary computers and laptops appeared much earlier than tablet computers. Experienced users who work a lot at computers are well aware that if the equipment shows signs of complete freezing and is not going to restore its functionality, you should click on the “Reset” button. In the case of laptops in which this button is not available, you must press and hold the power button – after a while, the laptop will turn off, after which it can be started and loaded again.

What to do if iPad does not turn on? You need to try to send the tablet to force a reboot. It is also necessary to ensure that all data in the internal memory remains intact. Since there is no Reset button on the iPad, we will act in a different way – hold down the power button and the Home button, hold them for 10 seconds and wait until the tablet goes to reboot (a bitten apple should appear on the screen). As soon as the iPad restarts, its functionality will be restored.

Please note that this reboot method does not result in loss of user data. But periodically creating backups has not hurt anyone.

IPad Recovery

Do you have an iPad 2 tablet, iPad mini, or any other kind of tablet from Apple? Your device does not turn on? It is possible that some fatal software failure occurred in it that interferes with normal functionality. In some cases, even reset does not help here. What to do?

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You should try to restore the tablet computer – in this case, it will return to the state in which it left the factory. In order to restore the operating system, you must perform the following steps:

  • Turn off the tablet completely – its display should go out;
  • Connect iPad to computer and launch iTunes;
  • Press the power button and the Home button on the iPad, wait 10 seconds;
  • Continue to hold the Home button for another 10 seconds.

After that, iTunes will notify that a device connected in recovery mode is detected – then the program will begin to restore the iOS operating system by downloading the firmware. As soon as the procedure is completed, the iPad will reboot and turn on (if there are no other failures on board).

This method is very cardinal, as it involves the complete removal of data from internal memory. Therefore, the availability of a backup copy to restore them is mandatory.


The iPad does not turn on – the apple lights up, and then goes out. What to do in this situation? If the problem occurs after moisture has entered, you must urgently take the tablet to the nearest service center. Here it will be carefully disassembled, cleaned and dried, after which it will be checked for operability. And you do not need to listen to tips on self-cleaning – so you can only harm your electronic assistant. This work should be done by specialists.. They can also cope with other tasks to restore the performance of tablets from Apple.

Similar iPad behavior, when an apple lights up on the screen and then goes out, also manifests itself in many other malfunctions. For example, when the battery is exhausted.

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IPad does not turn on and does not charge

What to do if the iPad does not turn on and does not charge? Such situations do not occur very often, but it is easy to identify the cause of this behavior. The problem may be related:

  • With a general malfunction of the device – it will have to be taken to the nearest service center;
  • With a malfunction of the battery – this is another reason to visit the service, as the batteries change only here;
  • If the charger or cable is faulty – check the integrity of these accessories and buy a replacement for them (if a malfunction is detected).

In this way, at home, we can only perform the last operation – check the cable and charger.

Self repair and repair service

What to do if iPad does not turn on? On the network you can find many tips for self-repair. We find this advice harmful – disassembling iPads is a complex and painstaking process that requires certain skills. As for the repair of the electronic part, then we need experience. Otherwise, you just ditch your tablet, and the total cost of repairs will increase significantly – let the specialists deal with the repair. You can perform the above steps and check the operation of some nodes.

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