What To Do If Airdrop Does Not Work Between Iphone And Mac

What To Do If Airdrop Does Not Work Between Iphone And Mac

I am sure many have encountered this problem.

Almost always, when I bought a new iOS device or changed my Mac, I started having strange problems with AirDrop. Over time, they were somehow solved in an incomprehensible way (AirDrop just started to work), but only now I was able to pinpoint the cause of the difficulties. As it turned out, the problem is solved quite easily. But the solution is implicit.

It is worth noting that on the Apple website there are several detailed instructions regarding the feature in question, but in none of them have I found the solution discussed below. Before proceeding to it, I recommend that you still study the official instructions:

Naturally, I did everything described in the instructions above, plus turned on / off AirDrop on all devices, logged out / logged on to iCloud account, changed AirDrop settings ("for all", "only for contacts"), rebooted devices … Almost everything works – Handoff, Continuity, fresh laptop – MacBook 12", The software has been updated everywhere to the latest final versions (I’m not experimenting with bets), and AirDrop is dead. I’m trying to transfer screenshots from the iPhone 6s Plus to the MacBook, but neither the computer nor the smartphone can see each other. Miracles, and only.

What is the problem?

The problem turned out to be Bluetooth. In particular, it is necessary to create a Bluetooth pair between a laptop and a smartphone. In theory, it should be created automatically. At least I remember that this happened at the dawn of iOS 8. I just had to agree to create a pair in the process of setting up new functions and that’s all.

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The catch is that when you change your iPhone to a new one, information about devices connected to the predecessor via Bluetooth is not transferred through the backup. You need to manually create Bluetooth-pairs with the used headsets, speakers, including a laptop again.

So, when I moved from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6 Plus, I immediately had difficulty with Instant Hotspot mode, which also requires a Bluetooth pair. Naturally, it was not preserved from the iPhone 5s and had to create a new one. I remember that at that time I did everything purely by accident – on a hunch climbed into the Bluetooth menu on the MacBook, started searching for devices nearby, saw my iPhone – made a pair, it all worked.

This case almost immediately flew out of my head and was remembered only now, after all the same I was able to configure AirDrop on the new iPhone.

What if AirDrop doesn’t work between iPhone and Mac?

What To Do If Airdrop Does Not Work Between Iphone And Mac

So, you got a new iPhone, tried everything that Apple offers in their instructions, but AirDrop still does not work. What are we doing? Create a Bluetooth pair between MacBook and iPhone.

To do this, make sure that the Bluetooth module is turned on on the smartphone, go to the laptop in "System Settings → Bluetooth", Find your iPhone in the list of devices and click on"Create a pair".

A window with a code will appear on the laptop screen and a similar code will be displayed on the iPhone with a proposal to create a pair – you agree. After that, the MacBook appears in the list of Bluetooth devices on the iPhone and vice versa:

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When I did all of the above, AirDrop between the iPhone and MacBook worked. Devices find each other within a few seconds and easily exchange files.

In the process of preparing this material, I removed the iPhone-MacBook Bluetooth pair for the sake of experiment, and AirDrop stopped working again. Gadgets did not find each other. I repeated all the above steps – AirDrop earned. I hope my experience will help someone.