What Ios Can I Upgrade Iphone 4s To

What Ios Can I Upgrade Iphone 4s To

Mobile devices from Apple, as every fan knows, operate on the "OS" iOS. The manufacturer makes updates to this system annually. Each owner of the "apple" device sooner or later thinks about changing the software to the latest version.

In this article we will tell you how to update your iPhone 4 and 4S and what methods are suitable for this. Do I need to contact a service center, or can I update iPhone 4 at home.

For owners of the fourth version of the iPhone, the release of iOS version 8 was more likely a sad than a joyful event, since it immediately became obvious that it was impossible to install this firmware on the iPhone 4. The reason is that this "OS" is suitable for mobile devices with a processor in 2 cores, and the fourth iPhone is equipped with only one.

However, on iPhone 4, as it turned out later, iOS 8 can be installed in two different ways:

  • Using iTunes via PC or laptop.
  • Using a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Next, we consider both methods in detail. But keep in mind that all responsibility for the result of actions will rest with you. After the procedure, the device may cease to function normally and will “fly off” the guarantee, if any.

How to install iOS 8 via computer and iTunes

To use this method, you can not do without a PC or laptop, as well as without the installed iTunes program. Surely this utility is available for every iPhone owner. But if you have not had time to download it yet, be sure to do it. Also, one should not forget that the utility version should be the most recent. You can download software from the official Apple resource.

If you are thoroughly prepared, you can proceed with the firmware process itself. To do this, you must:

1 Connect the telephone to a PC or laptop using a USB cable. 2 iTunes will start on the machine when a mobile device is detected. But if this does not happen, you need to open the utility manually. 3 Click on the phone button (located to the left of iTunes Stop). 4 Go to the update section (shift key or any other key is not required). If there is an update, its download will start automatically, as well as installation on the device. 5 In a new window, data containing update information will pop up. You need to click on the button for downloading and updating the iOS version of the eight. And if after that you will see a message in the window that the device is using the latest version, you need to download the file with the firmware using the link provided by the system.

If you download using Safari, you will need to disable automatic unpacking. You can also use other popular browsers for this purpose – Chrome and the like.

How to flash iPhone 4 to iOS 8 over Wi-Fi

Installing the operating system iOS 8 on iPhone 4 in this way is even easier than using the previous one. But to guarantee a successful outcome of the operation, as with the first method, no one can.

If you intend to install the firmware on the device in this way, provide a high speed connection in advance by experimenting with different access points. The fact is that the weight of the firmware is considerable and amounts to 1 gigabyte. If the data transfer rate is low, the download time will be very long.

It is also necessary to recharge the device to at least half the charge indicator. If you do not charge the device before the firmware operation, the device may discharge and turn off during the firmware, and you will have to continue on the PC or laptop, and do everything in the first way.

So, to flash iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi, follow these steps:

1 Double-check Wi-Fi connection stability and browser access. 2 Go to the main settings section, click on the program update item, and then on the download and installation section. The operation will start on the machine, the process will start in the background. Recall that the phone must be jailbroken. 3 Click on the install button of the downloaded file, accept the user agreement by clicking on the corresponding button.

At the end of the operation, you need to correct something and move the saved information from a backup made in advance to icloud or iTunes. Now you know the answer to the question of how to upgrade iPhone 4 to iOS 8. This is done easily – in just 3 steps.

As can be seen from the description of the process of flashing the iPhone 4, this is not a very difficult operation, but also not fast. You will have to wait about an hour for the installed file to be on the device in a state of full operability, but this is the maximum waiting period.

If the firmware failed for some reason, you should contact the support service on the Apple Internet resource.

Problems with the firmware of the fourth iPhone

If you decide to use the second method of flashing iPhone 4, that is, work through Wi-Fi, and the process did not ask, the reasons may lie in the following:

  • Lack of space to store information in the device’s memory.
  • A long download time for a slow connection.
  • The device cannot connect to the update server.
  • The update did not happen in full.
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How to upgrade iPhone 4S to iOS 8 when memory is overloaded

Unfortunately, on older versions of iPhones, such as the Quartet, with a lack of memory space, the device on the machine will not clean the system. Such a function is embedded only in phones running on iOS 9 and later versions of the “OS”. In the latter case, when a useful function is triggered, some of the program files that can later be downloaded again will be deleted by the system. Thanks to this, the user does not have to manually select unnecessary files and erase them one by one. But if after removing unnecessary programs in any way, the problem remains, you need to try to update using iTunes.

But if you don’t have a PC or laptop at hand, that is, there is no way to use the iTunes utility, manually remove unnecessary software. To this end, go to the main settings, in the program update section and click on the usage settings.

To update the firmware, in any case, you need the Internet. Download time for the file with the firmware will directly depend on its size and connection speed. During the boot process, the device can be used for its intended purpose (for example, make calls).

When the firmware file is fully loaded, the corresponding information will be displayed. To speed up the download, it is better not to upload other files during this operation. But if the connection remains slow, you should use a different Wi-Fi access point whenever possible.

How to upgrade iPhone 4 to iOS 8 when there is no access to the server

If such a nuisance or inability to check for updates happened to your device during the firmware, do not be discouraged, but try updating the system again on the same network.

Updating your mobile phone’s operating system is an important process. But it is far from always required to install the latest version of the OS. Sometimes it’s preferable to stay on the old build. Most often, iPhone owners are puzzled by the issue of updating the system on a mobile device. Indeed, with new OSs, the latest and most interesting features appear that attract almost everyone. Today it remains to be seen how to install iOS 8 on a 4 iPhone. Do I need to do this at all? What features of the process can be encountered? Answers to all these questions will be given below.

Is it possible to install iOS 8

The first step is to understand how the idea is feasible. Is it possible to install iOS 8 on iPhone 4?

The answer to this question will not be long in coming. Yes, on the iPhone you can really put the latest version of the operating system. But is it worth it?

The 4 iPhone itself is not too powerful. Therefore set "figure eight" it is not recommended. The thing is that when working with a smartphone on iOS 8, brakes and delays appear.

But the owners of the iPhone 4S can easily bring the idea to life. It is noted that in this case the delays are not too large, they are practically not noticeable. Accordingly, there is no single answer. Everyone must decide for himself whether he really needs iOS 8 version.

Update Methods

If you want to work with the latest build "apple" OS, you can do this without much difficulty. How to install iOS 8 on a 4 iPhone? In the same way as with any other "apple" gadget. Apple’s software update principles are always the same.

Among them, the following methods are distinguished:

  • Using iTunes
  • work with the internet.

How to act? Everyone decides for himself. It all depends on the preferences of the owner of the smartphone. You can install on iPhone 4 iOS 8 and through a specialized program, and simply using a smartphone and an Internet connection. Next will be described in more detail about each scenario.

ITunes Help

Let’s start with the most common way. work with iTunes. Each owner should have this application. "apple" gadgets. With it, you can quickly recover data, download information, or upgrade software.

How to install iOS 8 on iPhone 4? You just need to stick to a little instruction. It looks something like this:

  1. Install the latest version of the gadget on your iTunes computer.
  2. Connect iPhone to PC. To do this, it is recommended to use a USB cable.
  3. Launch iTunes. Wait for device synchronization.
  4. Click on the name of the connected phone in the left part of the window and go to the tab "General".
  5. Find the button on the right side of the application "Refresh". Click on it and wait a bit. The smartphone will be checked for updates.
  6. Learn about the upcoming update. Accept the operation and click on the inscription "Download and update".

From now on, it’s clear how to install iOS 8 on a 4 iPhone. After doing this, you will have to wait a bit. The operating system will update, after which the smartphone will reboot. Quick, easy, easy!

Via wifi

But this is only one of the upgrade options. In addition to the proposed algorithm, you can use wireless Internet to implement the task. This solution greatly facilitates the process.

Can I install iOS 8 on iPhone 4? Easily! Especially if the user has access to Wi-Fi at hand. This option is the simplest, but it is not reliable. There are no guarantees for a successful software update.

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To download a new operating system on iPhone 4 using Wi-Fi, you need:

  1. Connect wireless internet to the device. To do this, go to "Settings"-"Network"-"Wifi"and then put the switch lever on. Next, the user will be prompted to select the network to which the connection will occur. Enter the access password if necessary.
  2. Go to "Settings"-"Main"-"Software Update".
  3. In the list that appears, click on the line with the inscription "Download and Install".
  4. After the download is completed, click on "Install" and wait a bit.

At this stage, the whole process ends. The update will install, after which the device will reboot. Next, the smartphone owner will be asked to recover information via iTunes or iCloud.

Wi-Fi Features

It’s clear how to install iOS 8 on a 4 iPhone. It should be noted that updating the operating system via Wi-Fi has a number of features. If you do not take them into account, you can fail the OS initialization process.

Every owner "apple" smartphone should adhere to these recommendations:

  1. Before starting the software update, you must charge the phone. It is better that it had at least 50% charge.
  2. Sometimes updating via Wi-Fi cannot be completed successfully. In this case, you are offered to either try again or use iTunes.
  3. Downloading the operating system begins in iOS 8 about 1 GB. Accordingly, you have to wait a bit. It is not recommended to work with a mobile phone at this time. You can’t turn it off either.
  4. Wi-Fi upgrades are only possible on jailbroken iPhones.

Remembering all this is not so difficult. If no update method helped, you need to contact Apple Support or take the device to a service center.

Today Apple released the public version of iOS 9. A smart menu and smarter, updated applications, power-saving mode and dual-window multitasking are now available on all compatible Apple devices. Case for small. update correctly.

In fact, the process is extremely simple, although there are nuances. The first step is to read the material " ". There, in comprehensible language, the mandatory and optional preparatory stages are painted.

If very briefly, then 1) you need to free up about 2 GB of disk space, 2) make a backup, and 3) connect to a Wi-Fi network with good speed and no traffic limit.

As soon as the firmware becomes available on the company’s servers, in the menu

Settings → General → Software Update

A message appears about the possibility of updating the firmware. Agree and follow the prompts of the system.

If, for some reason, updating by air (OTA) does not work or does not want to, you can install using iTunes. To do this, connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the computer with the original (or 100% working) cable, open the program and click on the device menu "Check for update" or if the firmware has already pulled up. "Update". After downloading the update file, the utility install the latest firmware.

After upgrading to iOS 9, you’ll need to go through some simple setup steps. Enter the password for your Apple ID, wait for the device to activate, agree to track geolocation for Find My iPhone to work. Immediately after, the system will transfer you to the familiar home screen.

All applications, data and settings are saved when updating the firmware!

Apple has shown itself to be excellent in the long term, as it supports smartphones for a long time, even today many users are interested in how to upgrade iPhone 4 to a newer version of iOS 8. The firmware itself was released back in 2014, and a year earlier, iOS 7.

It is worth noting that in version 7 of the OS really sharp design changes were presented, more emphasis was placed on the appearance. Now Apple has settled down a bit and in iOS 8 has taken the path of increasing functionality, new features are added, applications are redesigned, new extensions are developed. A more conservative approach has shown itself well, so many iPhone 4 owners want to upgrade.

Unfortunately, you have to disappoint you, Apple has allowed such gadgets to be updated to iOS 8: iPhone 4S – 6 Plus, iPad 2,3,4, Air, Mini and iPod touch 5G. That is, for owners of a clean 4th version there is no possibility to upgrade, so you have to stay on the 7th version, it is final for a smartphone.

How to upgrade iPhone 4 to iOS 8? Training

We will delve into the essence of the task of updating iPhone 4 to iOS 8. In fact, there are only 2 main ways to update the operating system, both official only have some differences in the necessary details. So you should highlight the update option via a smartphone via Wi-Fi and through iTunes, which requires a connection to a PC.

Updating the system can also lead to the deletion of personal data from the device, which dramatically discourages users from carrying out the procedure. First, we will look at how to back up the iPhone, which will eliminate this drawback, and then with ease it will be possible to return everything to their places.

A simple, standard way to create backup is iCloud service, it implies access to the Internet, you are required to:

What Ios Can I Upgrade Iphone 4s To
  1. Click on the “Settings” icon;
  2. Choose iCloud;
  1. Using your ID, log in to your account;
  2. Select the applications you want to save to the cloud, including information from them;
  3. Now click on "Storage and copies";
  4. Set the “Copy to iCloud” slider to active state;

This is not the only way to update, as there is another option using iTunes and PC:

  1. Connect devices and open iTunes;
  2. Go to the "Overview" tab, where you will see "Create a copy now", while moving the slider to a position so that the backup is stored on the PC;
  1. Follow the “Shop” tab and authorize the computer;
  2. Now follow to “File”, then “Devices” and, finally, “Transfer purchases”.
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Both operations take time, so be patient.

How to update iPhone 4 using Wi-Fi?

Let’s move on to the question of how to update iOS on iPhone 4 without connecting to a PC, that is, over the air. For this procedure, manufacturers introduced a special function, it can be easily found in the smartphone itself.

Before performing the update, you need to be aware of a few nuances that will help in the matter of how to upgrade iPhone 4 to 8. There should not be any interruptions in the network connection, that is, you can’t leave the Wi-Fi coverage area, it’s better to leave the smartphone alone during the update . The iPhone should not turn off due to lack of energy, as the process can take a long time. Make sure your smartphone has more than half the charge.

How to upgrade iPhone 4 to iOS 8 over Wi-Fi:

  1. Follow the “Settings” section;
  2. Select the category "Basic";
  3. Then click on the item “Update Software”;
  1. Click on the Download and Install button.

The further procedure does not require your intervention, just wait until the end without interfering with the update.

How to update iOS on iPhone 4?

This option is also suitable for situations like updating iPhone 4, if there are no updates, that is, the previous method did not have a positive effect. The platform for performing the procedure using this method is the presence of a PC and an update file or network access. Also, iTunes must have a fresh version for the correct installation of updates, we recommend that you update it first.

By default, the service itself should offer an affordable update, if one exists, but the function does not always work, so a file may need to be preloaded. All these updates can be found on the manufacturer’s website, for the iPhone 4S use the link https://appldnld.apple.com/iOS8/031-05612.20140917.FB40v/iPhone4,1_8.0_12A365_Restore.ipsw

  1. Connect your PC and iPhone using a USB cable;
  2. As soon as the device is detected, a pop-up window will appear asking you to update, if this did not happen manually, start iTunes and go to the "Overview" tab, agree with the offer by clicking "Next";
  1. Confirm your intentions and wait for the installation to complete.

If there are no offers to update the device, then in the "Overview" tab, click on "Update" and specify the path to the file that you previously downloaded.

Thanks to such simple and effective tools, your smartphone will keep up with the times, as much as possible. Immediately after the update, it will be difficult to notice fundamental differences in the design, but multitasking and the notification system are significantly improved. Standard tools like Mail, Photos, Messages, etc. are greatly improved. Update and use your iPhone to the maximum.

If you still have questions on the topic "How to upgrade iPhone 4 to iOS 8?", Then you can ask them in the comments

I am completely satisfied, before the update I had "seventh" iOS However, new software is coming out for iOS devices from "eights", and since one application really interested me, I decided to take a chance.
Update from "figure eight" I basically ignored. Many of my friends regretted updating their gadgets. Watching numerous videos on this topic in YouTube also convinced me not to update.
"Ninth" iOS is now considered one of the most stable , I believe this is the latest update for iPhone 4s and "ten" already my phone will not support.

Lock screen and screen "home" almost completely unchanged.

Passbook disappeared, music has a new shortcut

The font has changed, an ugly transfer appeared "panoramas". I liked that a timer appeared (3 and 10 seconds). The camera takes longer

I didn’t like how the notes changed Personally, I’m uncomfortable going into another additional section.

Immediately noticed to the changed font I did not like him. Have to get used to it. I noticed that when typing lags appeared. you type the word, the blinking cursor freezes and after a couple of seconds spits out the whole word at once. The transition to emoji has become different, unusual.

Apple cares a lot about the people who purchase their products. Apparently, therefore for those who like to take selfies, a separate folder has appeared in albums I really do not like this, besides with the addition in the form of another folder "screenshots". If Apple cared about people, then they would provide for people like me, the ability to hide these folders Although it’s worth saying that I am pleased "recently deleted" More than once accidentally permanently deleted the necessary photos.

Power saving mode appeared I can’t say that I noticed something supernatural. VK applications also mercilessly consume charging.

Updating iOS I discovered a bunch of unnecessary standard programs for me

And here multitasking is very pleasing ! Now you can view other programs without leaving the one in which you work. Pages in the browser, for example, will not be updated.

To summarize, I want to say that those who use "figure eight" on the iPhone 4s. can safely switch to "nine". It will not be worse. And here holders of native "sevens" I do not recommend updating iOS Programs run longer. Sometimes the icons on the phone screen do not respond to touch, and the multitasking windows do not always close the first time. It lags typing. The keyboard itself, for me personally, is very uncomfortable. Annoying a large number of folders in the album and hurting the eyes changed my favorite notes. The phone literally constantly thinks before starting a call or opening an application.