We Configure The Router Through The Phone, Without Having A Computer

We Configure The Router Through The Phone, Without Having A Computer

Wireless networks are so rooted in our daily lives that it’s hard for many to imagine it without Wi-Fi networks. This standard is utilized in almost all devices – from personal computers to video surveillance systems. Now many in the family have their own personal computer, as well as a smartphone, e-book and other gadgets, the work of which depends on the Internet. Therefore, Wi-Fi routers, or as some call them routers, are nowadays available in almost every apartment.

With the development of IT-technology, routers can be configured from any device.

Many already know how to configure their Wi-Fi devices, for this it is enough to connect them and the computer to the LAN connectors and complete the settings, according to the manual, which is almost always included. But what can be done if there is no electronic computer at hand? In this article, we will look at how you can configure a router from a phone or tablet when there is no PC or laptop at hand.

Preparatory stage

Before you start configuring your router, you must, of course, enable it. We connect the power adapter to the power outlet and connect the main Internet cable to the WAN router connector, usually it is highlighted in blue.

We connect the phone to the router

If you reset the default settings, then there will be no password to your device’s Wi-Fi network, it will be publicly available. Go to your phone’s settings, turn on Wi-Fi and find your network in the list of wireless networks. It can have a standard name, which will be the name of the company that manufactured the device, and this network should also have the best signal level. If you doubt that this is exactly the network of your router, then try turning the device off and on, while on the phone your network should disappear from the list and then reappear. Click on “connect”, and upon successful connection, the network status will be displayed at the top of the screen of your gadget in the form of an icon notifying that Wi-Fi is active.

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We configure a router

The process of setting up the device through the phone is the same as in the case of the operation of a computer or laptop. To configure, open any web browser installed on the phone, for example, google chrome, and in the address bar, enter the standard address for all gadgets or, click on the "Go" button. In the window that opens, 2 empty fields will appear, where we will need to specify the username and code to access the admin panel of the router. Since we dropped all the settings to standard, then this data will be standard, most often the specified user name is admin and the password is admin. If this data does not fit, look at the bottom of the device itself or in the instructions, it should all be written there. When you enter this information, you must go to the router’s web interface itself.

Actually, the configuration of the router itself consists of three steps.

Set up an internet connection

The main step is to specify the parameters of your provider, in the admin panel of the router these settings are most often performed in the WAN tab. Here you must specify the type of connection to the World Wide Web (for example, the most frequently used PPPoE in Russia), as well as the user name and password of the provider. This login pair with a password was issued to you when connected. Try to find your contract, which was given to you when connected to the Internet, everything should be written in it. After specifying these settings, save them. You can also try to perform automatic step-by-step configuration of the device, some devices can do everything on the machine, as well as determine the type of network through which your router connects to the provider. In this case, you will only have to specify your username and password.

We Configure The Router Through The Phone, Without Having A Computer

Configure Wi-Fi

If you don’t want outsiders to use your wireless network, thereby reducing your Internet connection speed, you can configure Wi-Fi by setting a password for it. Then access to the global network through your router will be available only to those to whom you tell this password.

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We go to the Wireless admin panel section, and in the Wireless Network Name line indicate the name for your wireless network. By specifying the name of the Wi-Fi network, it will be easier for you to navigate when connecting other devices. Next, go to the Wireless Security tab and specify the security settings. For the security type, select the recommended WPA / WPA2, and in the Password field, enter your passcode with a minimum of eight characters. Do not invent a password that is too complicated, because in the future, you may have to enter it on your other gadgets, and this will create unnecessary difficulties for you when connecting.

Change the password for the admin panel

So that no one can change your options, even having access to Wi-Fi, you can protect your admin panel by changing the standard username and password pair to your own, more complex ones. Depending on the manufacturer of the router, these settings can be stored in different tabs, for example, System tools, after finding the desired tab, look for the password parameter. Here you need to set your username and password. After the above, the device must be rebooted so that it turns on with new options. After rebooting, open the list of Wi-Fi networks on your phone and find the name of the network that you specified during setup, you will also need to enter your new data. If everything is done correctly, the phone will automatically connect to the Internet, to check this, you can try to go to any resource on the global network.

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So we learned how to easily configure a router, even without a computer or laptop at hand. In general, the setup procedure is almost the same as when using a PC. If you tried to configure the router from a PC or laptop before, then it will not be difficult for you to do this from the phone.