Tv Set-Up Lji Smart Tv

Tv Set-Up Lji Smart Tv

If the TV is equipped with the Smart TV option, then by connecting a router to your TV, the user will receive at least one advantage: it will be possible to use the Internet simultaneously with watching digital television. Those who have encountered the configuration of routers before should be aware that IPTV is broadcast in multicast packets. Do not be surprised that the “standard” Smart TV option does not support the IPTV option. And the LG or Samsung TV can be considered as one of the computers that is endowed with a browser that plays streaming video.

Scheme of connecting a TV through a router

Given all of the above, it becomes clear: not much is required from the router, namely, to be able to create a connection with an Internet provider. To use Smart TV, you don’t need to configure multicast broadcast in the router itself (although you can do this too). A router will suit almost anyone, with one caveat: the model should be able to work correctly with the connection protocol that the provider supports. For example, a “under DHCP” connection works as it should with any router. But the heavyweight options for connecting to a VPN server – as a rule, are not supported in budget equipment.

You can connect the TV to the router in one of the ways: a LAN cable (usually called a “patch cord”) or using Wi-Fi. The second way is worse. Not all routers support Wi-Fi, except for this, when working through a wireless network, video flow interruptions are usually observed, etc. Consider the first method.

It will only be necessary to configure in the router a connection to the provider. To complete the setup, you will need a computer. All actions are best performed in the sequence below.

Three Steps to Smart TV

Setting up the connection in the router

Routers are configured in the web-interface. Which can only be opened in a browser (for which purpose, a computer is connected to the router). The sequence of actions is as follows:

  • Connect the power adapter to the router (not including the last one in the socket), connect the LAN port of the router to the network card of the computer, connect the provider’s cord:

Connecting a router to configure

  • On the computer – configure the network card correctly:

Wired Properties

  • At the last stage – turn on the router, send the computer to reboot.

When the computer boots, you can open any browser, and go to the address (or 1.1, 10.1, as indicated in the instructions of the router). Usually, for authorization in the setup interface, you need to enter a username and password (admin and admin or something else). Next – configure the connection with the provider.

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You can make sure that the Internet connection is configured correctly, if you can open, for example, the search engine “” in the browser.

To work with the "classic" Smart TV – you do not need to use the following options: "IGMP Snooping" or "Multicast Proxy". They are needed to watch IPTV broadcast through "multicast" streams. Successful customization!

Connecting the router to the TV

Any LAN port of the router – connect to the LAN port of the TV. Before performing this step, unplug the power cord from the TV. And after 1.5 minutes – you can connect the patch cord:

Scheme of connecting a TV to a router

Wired connections are completed. A router for Smart TV will transmit data from the Internet. Remember to turn on the power of the TV again.

The final step is to set up the connection on the TV

On LG TVs: press “Home” on the remote control, select “Installation”. In the window, select the "Earth" icon, and then – "Network Settings: Wired." This is what the result looks like:

Connection Setup (LG)

After clicking “OK” on the remote control, we see the network settings window:

Obtaining DNS and IP

We need just “Auto” IP / DNS setup (click “OK” again). TV setup – done.

On Samsung TVs, the connection is faster. Go to the main menu, select "Network Settings".> "Cable":

Setting up connections (Samsung)

Then, you will need to configure the Smart Hub service (in order to use it). Have a nice setting!

Where are the “Russian” TV channels in LG Smart TV? It turns out that everything is not so complicated.

We watch the video (the TV menu is here in German):

Owners of TVs with built-in Internet often face a problem. Can’t set up Smart TV. In order to fully use all the functions of a “smart” TV, Internet access is required. You can connect in several ways: via Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi router, using WPS or Plug technology & Access

Even at this stage, many face certain difficulties. If connecting with a wired connection is simple, then not everyone can manage a Wi-Fi connection on their own.

Specialists of the Unified Service “A-Iceberg” are ready to leave home or office today in any district of Moscow and the Moscow region and connect and configure Smart TV.

You can leave a request online on the website or by phone: 8 (495) 000-00-01 Indicate the model of your TV, contact details and convenient time for a specialist visit. We work seven days a week, we provide a guarantee for all services, we render services on the day of contact.

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Smart TV setup

Smart TV setup takes place in 3 stages:

  • Internet connection
  • user settings
  • installation of widgets (applications)

To connect directly, just connect the LAN cable to the TV port. In this case, it is recommended to use a patch cord. Nothing complicated, but such a connection is not possible for all providers. Most often, a smart TV is connected to the Internet via a Wi-Fi network. If, after connecting, it is found that the wireless signal is too weak, then a specialist will perform diagnostics and select a channel that is less loaded.

If your device model does not have a built-in adapter for wireless connection, the wizard uses an external USB adapter suitable for your TV and will connect through it.

Tv Set-Up Lji Smart Tv

You may also need to manually configure the router if it cannot automatically assign an IP. The wizard will manually fill in:

Also, when connected, our specialist will check:

  • Internet speed for your tariff plan
  • router speed
  • signal quality

This is necessary so that during operation there are no problems with the quality of data transfer and online video "does not hang."

To connect via WPS technology, it is necessary that both the router and the TV support the QSS function. Connect Smart TV via Plug & Access is performed using a USB drive.

If you have an LG TV, you will need to register on the official website so that you can fully use all the features of Smart TV. If necessary, our specialist will perform this procedure himself.

If you have a Samsung TV with Smart Hub technology, you must enter the correct language, location and time zone data in the Settings menu so that the TV program displays correctly.

Install widgets (applications)

You can install the applications you need using a USB drive or through the official service of the manufacturer. For Samsung TVs, you can download it on Samsung Apps, for LG on LG Apps TV. If difficulties arise, then our specialists are ready to provide qualified assistance.

Entrust the setting of Smart TV to the A-Iceberg Service Center and today you can use all the functions of your smart TV in full!

More recently, watching movies on TV from a computer seemed like the pinnacle of technological progress. By connecting the output of the video card with the input of the TV with a special cable, you could comfortably watch movies on the big screen from a hard disk or DVD drive. But technology has evolved, the speed of the Internet has grown. It turned out that it is completely optional to pre-save movies on a hard drive or DVD, you can watch movies online with high HD quality.

In the described scheme, the PC was an intermediate link between the TV and the Internet. A logical question arose: is it possible to combine two devices? This is how Smart TV was born, which can be translated as “Smart TV”. The TV was "taught" to connect to the Internet, the user was given the opportunity to navigate with the remote control. The technology turned out to be so convenient that it is already used in more than 50% of all TV sets produced.

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Samsung TV Smart TV setup

It can be said without exaggeration that the advent of Smart TV has radically changed the very idea of ​​television broadcasting. More and more people are abandoning traditional television channels, preferring to find materials on the Internet. One of the most popular TV receivers that support the Smart TV function are Samsung products. To connect them, you need a router. On a regular PC, go to the tab of its properties by typing in the browser the network address of the router, most often it is or Enter the data to establish the connection that your provider must provide.

But first you need to register in the system. Without leaving the SMART HUB, use the red “A” key to open the “Login” window. Find "Create an account", accept the terms of the service agreement. The account creation window will open, you will be asked to provide an email. Just enter the line develop. Then enter the password. Be sure to write it down somewhere so as not to forget. Check the box labeled Reseive e-mail on Samsung Smart TV, then select “Create an account”, confirm the creation.

Log in to your account. Now you can install the widget that interests you, you just need to register its IP address. Find the blue button "D", then the line Development. Select Setting Server IP and specify an IP address. Activate the line User Application Synchronization – the necessary option will be added, the corresponding icon will appear.

Given that setting up a smart TV Samsung Smart TV is difficult, it is best to turn to experts from a specialized service center for help.

Professional TV setup Smart TV

Not everyone can set up Smart TV on their own. If you want your TV-set to fully live up to your expectations, call us. An experienced specialist of the company "Leader COMP" will arrive at your call and quickly set up your TV. The services provided include setting up Smart TV Samsung and other models of television receivers with the Smart TV option. We guarantee the highest quality of service and very reasonable prices, all work performed is guaranteed.

Just dial our contact number and you will get a great result in a matter of hours! Our service center is open around the clock, you can contact at any time. Call now!