Transferring Contacts From A Sim Card To A Samsung Phone – A Practical Guide

Transferring Contacts From A Sim Card To A Samsung Phone - A Practical Guide

When changing a smartphone, the first thing a person is faced with is the need to transfer existing information. First of all, this includes importing subscriber data. This can be done in several ways: by synchronizing with Google services, creating a vCard with sending it by e-mail, copying to a SIM card. Since changing a smartphone occurs infrequently, not all users know how to transfer contacts from SIM to phone in Samsung.

The copying procedure will depend on the version of Android.

How to transfer with Android 5.0 and higher?

To know how to transfer contacts from SIM to phone in Samsung, First you need to clearly understand how to copy caller numbers into the wired memory of a SIM card. For this OS version, this procedure is as follows:

  • Open the "Contacts" application.

Press the “Options” button, which can be hidden behind the icon with the image of three vertical points.

Next, select "Manage numbers". If this option is not available in a specific device model, “Settings” is selected.

After clicking on it, the copy menu will open. To unload the address book, the second option from the proposed ones is used (Export).

The smartphone asks where to copy the information. When transferring to the SIM memory, you must select this item.

If the smartphone is equipped with two SIM cards, then the user independently selects the storage.

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Next, you need to determine the list of subscribers whose data you need to transfer. Please note that with this method, only the number and part of the name are saved. This is due to the limitation of the SIM card. If you need to save other fields in the address book, it is recommended to choose a different method.

  • After confirming the action, all information will be copied.
  • Algorithm of actions for Android below version 5

    If the device is running an old version of the operating system, then the process of transferring the address book to Simka will be slightly different from the method described above:

      The first step is to open the corresponding application.

    Select “Options” or press three vertical dots.

    Find the item "Import / Export".

    Select numbers for transfer.

  • Press the “Finish” key and confirm the operation.
  • How to transfer contacts from SIM to a phone for Android 5.0 and higher in Samsung?

    In order to perform the opposite action and transfer all saved cards to a new device, a certain sequence of steps is required:

    • Open the "Contacts" application.

    Select the Options menu.

    Find the item "Manage numbers." If it is absent, the Settings menu is selected.

  • Next, you need to click on the "Contacts". In the absence of one, you can safely proceed to the next step.
  • Transferring Contacts From A Sim Card To A Samsung Phone - A Practical Guide
  • It will be the choice of the line “Import / Export”.
  • Two options will appear, select “Import”.

    Next, the smartphone will ask you to determine where to transfer the caller’s cards from.

    Additionally, the place where the data of subscribers will be saved is indicated. This can be the device’s internal memory, Google account, or Samsung account.

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  • The last step will be to put a checkmark in front of those numbers that you want to import, and press the “Finish” key.
  • How to copy information with Android 4.0 and below?

    The action plan will be almost the same:

    • First you need to go into the appropriate application.

    Select the “Menu” or “Options” item (depending on the specific model of the device).

    Click the line “Import / Export”.

    Indicate where the copying should come from.

    Choose where the import will take place.

    The old version of the OS offers only two places – a local device and a Google account.

  • Next, you need to select the phones to save and press the "Finish" key.
  • The commission of these simple manipulations will allow you to not remain without the usual numbers when buying a new smartphone and always stay in touch.