There will be no “soap” in the photos taken by the iPhone 11 camera!

Many users, choosing a phone for themselves, are looking for a device with the highest quality camera. They consider the smartphone not only as a means of communication, but also as a camera, which is always at hand. The manufacturers, knowing this trend, are doing everything so that people get what they want.

Apple smartphones are considered one of the best in terms of photographic capabilities. From year to year, iPhone cameras receive new improvements that make the final photos more attractive. Not without such improvement this year. The camera of the iPhone 11, introduced last September, received the Deep Fusion feature.

The basis of the new "photo chips" are intelligent machine learning algorithms. Their use can significantly improve the quality of photographs taken in difficult conditions for the camera. In particular, texture optimization is performed and noise levels are reduced. Due to this, excellent results are achieved that are pleasing to the eye. Below is an example of such a photo.

There will be no “soap” in the photos taken by the iPhone 11 camera!

Photo from the site

The mechanism of operation of the iPhone 11 is also disclosed. When the user is just preparing to take a picture, the camera automatically takes 4 pictures at short intervals. Also, 4 more shots are taken after he pressed the shutter button. Then, all photos are compared and the best of them is selected, which is additionally processed by algorithms.

At the moment, the Deep Fusion photo enhancement feature is routinely featured exclusively in September news. However, according to Apple, after updating iOS to version 13.2, it will be available on other devices. However, waiting for the update is not necessary. If you download a beta version of iOS intended for developers, then the opportunity to try Deep Fusion will appear right now.

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