The Phone Charges Quickly And Discharges Quickly, What To Do

The Phone Charges Quickly And Discharges Quickly, What To Do

There is an opinion that the iPhone does not hold a charge for a long time, and this is true. It happens that the device’s battery is not enough even for 6 hours of normal operation, not to mention surfing the Internet and using “heavy” applications. After a while, users begin to notice oddities: the phone charges quickly and discharges quickly. Many begin to raise a panic and run to service centers. Although the reason may be trivial, we will analyze the most basic of them.

  • The battery is out of order. In this case, it will charge rapidly and in the same way, the battery will run down quickly. The solution is to purchase a new battery.
  • MCharge is installed on the phone – this is an accelerated charging technology. But at the same time, with the constant use of the option, the battery fails;

In addition to these factors, there are a number of reasons when charging on a freshly charged cell phone quickly sets in, we will give them below. Also, owners of iPhones may face the following problem – their phones charge too long or run out quickly. Both are symptoms from the same sphere – the battery has ordered a long life.

In the latter case, you can make warranty repairs, if the warranty is over, or you bought the phone with your hands, then repair in the workshop will cost a tidy sum. The question why the battery runs out quickly on an iPhone is asked by many users. A number of technicians explain this point by the fact that the gadget is based on sophisticated software, the operation of which is not able to provide a low-power battery. In fact, this also explains why the phone takes longer to charge.

The root causes of the problem

Change the memory to a new one

  • Weak source of energy. This mainly concerns charging a smartphone from a laptop or computer. If the latest devices are of an obsolete brand, then their USB port will produce much less energy than is required.
  • The USB cable for charging is out of order, internal cores often suffer during bending.
  • Weak or unoriginal power adapter. In this case, the phone takes a long time to charge and runs out of resources. It is recommended to replace the power supply.

Manufacturing defects

Battery Rejection: Charges slowly and discharges quickly. Very often this is a factory flaw.

Software flaws

  • One of the main reasons why the smartphone does not charge well may be the simultaneous launch of a large number of background applications.
  • The smartphone is out of date. All new models are equipped with new technologies by default. Which provide your gadget with a quick charge. Therefore, older models without such firmware will charge much more slowly, or the battery will not charge at all. The same thing will happen if you put a new smartphone on charge, but through an old-generation charger. It will give out less amperes, and charging will go slowly;
  • No wonder they say that while charging the phone should be quiet. Experts do not advise using it during charging, since the procedure will be long because of this.

USB port is dirty

  • Believe me, this can also cause a long charge of the phone. To make sure of this, use a small flashlight, with which it is convenient to inspect the USB port for any extraneous content in it. If you find something, then using any pointed tool, try to remove the trash. Experienced users on the network offer to use a plastic toothpick for this. A metal needle can damage the inside of the USB port, and a wooden toothpick can break and clog the port;
  • Damage to the USB port. In this case, it needs to be replaced, there is no other way out if the device is under warranty, then we just go to the service center, where repairs will be carried out for free. If there is no guarantee, but there is a small skill and ability, then you can replace it yourself;
  • Oxidation of the USB port or corrosion from excessive moisture (involuntary “bathing”). If you do not get rid of rust in time, then the consequences will be dire – an expensive iPhone will become a rusty piece of iron. Corrosion is perfectly removed with alcohol or vinegar.
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In general, if the battery runs out quickly, you can turn off the fast charge option or use it less often. In addition, problems with the charging procedure may begin after the warranty period.

Extend the life of a smartphone:

The Phone Charges Quickly And Discharges Quickly, What To Do


Geolocation services – most of these programs are not needed by the owner, so we select and leave only the really necessary ones. Communication with GPS and Glonass satellites land a smartphone quickly, literally in 1.5-2 hours.

Mail in the background

Downloading new mail is automatic. At the same time, the application will constantly communicate with the server, which means that it is wasting so much needed energy. Better choose a manual mode for checking mail.

Background programs

It is believed that many background applications also spend energy. Therefore, it is desirable to disable all background applications. Although the manufacturer’s experts, on the contrary, advise against this, because much more energy is spent each time the application is downloaded again. The choice is yours.

Interface animation

Starting with the seventh version, a lot of animation has been added. In fact, it is useless, but turning it off will save you a couple of percent of energy.


At maximum brightness, the screen consumes a lot of battery power. Therefore, it is desirable to set this indicator to a minimum. When the backlight is turned on at maximum, the phone takes a long time to charge and sit down quickly, without recharge from third-party power sources.

Air mode

With a minimum charge, if you are not going to use the Internet, turn on airplane mode in your smartphone. In this case, you can stretch home.

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Use Wi-Fi

When using mobile Internet, try to choose a Wi-Fi connection. 3G drains the battery in literally hours.

Download in the background

With the fact that automatic downloads are useful, no one argues. But it’s better to disable this function – the battery will be more intact.

Starting with iOS 7, smartphones now have an unnecessary feature like automatic application updates. And it acts even in the background. Unplug her.


Ask yourself: Are you constantly using Spotlight Search? If not, disable them;


You constantly need i-devices. If not, turn off their automatic search;

Pop-up notifications

Saving a lot of energy and your nerves helps disable puch notifications.


Above, we tried to analyze the causes and methods for solving them, if your gadget does not hold energy in the battery, turning off after 2-3 hours of operation. If you are one of the owners of the iPhone, whose phone charges and discharges quickly, you should pay attention to two main aspects described at the very beginning of the article.