The neural network labels all

The neural network labels all

The neural network hangs on all labels. You won’t like who she calls you

The Prada Foundation in Milan hosts an exhibition in honor of which the ImageNet Roulette neural network was launched. She is engaged in “labeling”: upload a photo of a person into her, and she draws conclusions about him (they are far from always true and politically correct).

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For example, she called Dwayne Johnson a female rape suspect, Winona Ryder is a female man, Vlad Topalov is an imperious rich man, Nikita Kukushkin is a skinhead, and Barack Obama is a card player.

You can check who ImageNet Roulette calls you or your friends at If you do not know English, please stock up on a translator.

The neural network labels all

The creators of the neural network launched this project in order to show how erroneous the judgments about a person from one photograph can be without additional context. The more data about a person is known, the more accurate conclusions about him can make a computer program. The exhibition is dedicated to the history of the teaching of artificial intelligence using photographs.

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