Step-By-Step Iptv Setup For Routers

Step-By-Step Iptv Setup For Routers

IPTV is a special technology that, when transmitting data on networks, uses a special IP protocol.

Thanks to this, channels are broadcasted using multicast, but for this it is necessary to purchase a router with special IPTV support, and then it is enough to just update the router firmware version, and the program will automatically make settings. Not all such devices have such a function, therefore, the settings for this program on one of the frequently purchased routers are listed below.

Setting up IP-TV on routers

D-Link routers

For a frequently purchased router model of the D-LINK DIR 615 brand, you need to carry out only 2 actions:

  1. go to the program settings and get into the Advanced category.
  2. then go to the Advanced Network and tick Enable multicast streams.

For less commonly purchased models, for example, for the DIR-320 NRU or DIR-300 NRU models, you need:

  1. open the program settings and click the following: Network – Connections – WAN;
  2. Next, enable IGMP;
  3. then we return back to the Network – Connections section, but go already to – l2tp_eth2.2_0;
  4. put a check mark next to “Keep Alive”, put LCP interval 30, and the parameter LCP dips – 5;
  5. To complete the configuration, you need to specify a static route in the Advanced tab.

Asus routers

ASUS routers are noteworthy in that IPTV can be configured in 2 ways.

In models of ASUS routers, more often they do the connection like this:

  1. go to the menu and go to the LAN tab -> Route.
  2. a window will open in which it is necessary to mark the point to enable multicast routing. Do not forget to save the setting by clicking on the “Apply” button.

This method is quite easy, because there is no need to spend extra time setting up additional installed programs, however, at the same time, the router takes care of the entire network. In addition, the connection is made only under the condition of the presence of an “Ethernet cable”, and when using this program on other devices through a local network, the Internet connection speed is noticeably reduced and becomes less.

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Zyxel routers

These devices should be flashed with the latest available version from the official website of the router manufacturer.

Configuring iptv through a router ZYXEL KEENETIC START done as follows:

  1. go to the WAN menu and find the “Choose Bridge Port (s)” field;
  2. in it we indicate that LAN.port to which the TV set-top box will be connected.

For some models, at the end of the setup, select the “Choose IPTV STB PORT” option and set the number of connected LAN ports there.

TP-Link Routers

This model range also needs firmware to the latest available version. However, after the firmware, Multicast starts automatically, and configures the program itself. Possible causes of problems may be the old playlist, not updated media player, blocking by the antivirus, and incorrect cable connection. If the error is not this and the connection is not made, then the blocking is from the Internet provider.

Configuring IPTV service connection through a router

For operator Rostelecom

The world-famous company "Rostelecom" is one of the few companies that provides the ability to watch digital television in good quality on a computer. The quality of the picture and sound remains at the highest level.

Setting up IPTV through the Rostelecom router is not a complicated or long process, just enough:

  1. correctly write a statement in the service center of the company;
  2. wait for the company’s technical workers who make the necessary settings on the station equipment;
  3. then you need to download a special program for watching television – IPTV Player to your computer.
  4. download the installation file of the player itself;
  5. run the file that appears and perform a step-by-step installation of the program;
  6. we launch the installation wizard and put a tick in all empty cells, then click the “Next” button and the “Install” button in the future;
  7. at the end of the installation, click on the “Finish” button, wait for the installation wizard to complete and turn off, select the region where we are currently located, and you can click the channels;
  8. Installation completed successfully.

For Beeline operator

To connect, it is best to choose a router with the latest firmware version to make it as easy as possible and so that during the installation there will be no problems and errors. Before starting the installation, you need to check the correct connection of the router to the network – it must be inserted in a special port, and the prefix in any of the free ports. To start the installation for the Beeline operator, you need to go to the web interface.

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To do this, open any installed browser and enter the code in the address bar: This code allows access to the router interface window. A window appears in which you need to enter login information, that is, login and password. If the installation is performed for the first time, then the login information is entered in both fields that appear – admin. So you get to the settings page.

Easy setup WIFI router MIKROTIK. It is located on the link.

The configuration of the router for the Beeline operator is unusual in that it is imperative to select the LAN port for connecting the IPTV set-top box in a special “Transparent mode”. It is best to connect to the 4 LAN port and perform the installation, but if it is impossible to connect to this port, then during installation do not forget to put the number of the port to which you are connected.

If it becomes necessary to combine the ports for the IP TV set-top box, then we do the following:

  1. uninstall the WAN connection;
  2. open the “Network” menu, go to the “Connections” section and select the “WAN” connection;
  3. the settings window for the selected connection opens, in which at the bottom of this window you must click the "Delete" button;
  4. The result is shown that the connection is deleted and it is no longer in the list of available connections. It is necessary to save this moment;
  5. after that, we connect the LAN port to the WAN port. To do this, select a free LAN port, go to the "Advanced" menu, open the "VLAN" section and select "VLAN LAN";
  6. we select the LAN port, the best is the 4th port, but you can use any other one, and uninstall this port;
  7. it turns out that only the remaining ports are announced under the numbers corresponding to the connectors on the back of the device. You need to save these changes and completely reboot the device;
  8. Next, add the VLAN WAN to our dedicated LAN 4 port;
  9. click "save changes." We save all the necessary settings and reboot the device again. After that, it becomes possible to add port number 5;
  10. since port 4 and port 5 belong to VLANWAN, we create a WAN connection and click the Add button.
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Such installation of equipment is possible only in case of assigning an IP address to the client via DHCP by the Internet provider. A cable from the ISP is connected at the back of the router. After performing such tricky manipulations, the 4 LAN port became parallel with the WAN port and is fully accessible for connecting an IPTV set-top box.

For operator Triolan (triolan)

Connection for the operator Triolan is one of the most affordable and easy. It is produced in just a few steps.

To install, you need:

  1. Disable SPIfirewall.
  2. Create a special document /tmp/igmpproxy.conf, in which this code is displayed:

quickleave phyint vlan1 upstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1 phyint br0 downstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1 phyint eth0 disabled phyint eth1 disabled phyint vlan0 disabled phyint lo disabled In this case, remember that vlan1 means WAN, and br0 is a WAN-LAN bridge.

3. run igmpproxy, where we see # killall.9 igmprt # igmprt.c /tmp/igmpproxy.conf

4. at the end, all that remains is to run the VLC / IP-TV Player program, which will independently perform the settings. The connection is complete and you can enjoy watching television.

Settings for smart TVs

Before setting up, you need to find out if the router supports this function or not.. The router must support this function, because the connection is made thanks to the UTP-5e patch cord.

Local area network through a router in Windows 7. Read in detail.

Instructions for setting up ByFly in router mode. Read the link.

Internet setup on a TV with Smart TV function is done as follows:

  1. press the “Menu” key on the TV remote control and go to the “Network” section;
  2. the “Network Setup” subsection is selected and if the connection is correct, the installation automatically starts;