Solution For The Error “Itunes Could Not Create A Backup Because The Iphone Is Disconnected”

Solution For The Error “Itunes Could Not Create A Backup Because The Iphone Is Disconnected”

Hello everyone! Sometimes, the information stored on the device is much more important than the gadget itself. Photos, videos, notes, phone book. losing it all is really scary. That is why regularly backing up your iPhone or iPad. This is a very useful activity. And what is the easiest and most free way to backup? Right. via iTunes.

It would seem nothing complicated. connected the iPhone or iPad to the computer, pressed a couple of buttons, a copy was created successfully, went to go about his business. Victory! And everything would be just like that, if not for the various errors that accompanied or preceded this process. One of which we will consider today.

So, in the process of creating a backup (most often at the final stage), iTunes may “please” us with this warning:

iTunes could not back up because the iPhone is disconnected.

However, instead of the iPhone can easily be an iPad or iPod. The point is clearly not in the device itself. And well, this error would always appear, but no. a few days ago everything was fine, but here bam. “IPhone disconnected.” Mystic. but you need to fix it!

Well, let’s start looking for a solution with Apple’s technical support tips. After all, there are experts. these people are simply obliged to help! They recommend doing so:

  • Replace wire. Make sure 100% original is used.
  • Change the USB port for cable connection.
  • Delete iTunes clean and reinstall. Moreover, you can try to download the so-called "business" version of the program (the one that still has the App Store).
  • Back up to another computer.
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The tips are, of course, good. But not always help out. Although, it’s still worth a try. and pay maximum attention to the wire to connect.

I had a case when the original-looking cable (as I was told. It was in the box at the time of purchase) turned out to be a fake and iTunes could not create a backup just because of it.

Well, all right, everyone checked. but copying still cannot be completed, since the iPhone “disconnects” in the process? It’s time to move on to “popular” methods for solving the problem.

Information is collected from various sources, so I warn you right away. all the manipulations are at your own peril and risk 🙂 Although, if you look, there’s nothing wrong with all this.

Solution For The Error “Itunes Could Not Create A Backup Because The Iphone Is Disconnected”

And here is what users suggest to solve the error "Could not create backup in iTunes":

  1. Update firmware on iPhone or iPad to the latest current version. Say, this is a problem exclusively with iOS 10 and the “beginning” of iOS 11. Here I will allow myself to disagree with this, in fact, the error also occurs on other versions of the software. But on the other hand, you need to try to upgrade. helps a lot.
  2. Check the disk where the backup is created using standard Windows tools. Right-click on the disk icon. Properties Service. Run a check.
  3. Find old backups on the computer and delete them. Although, just in case, it’s probably better to just copy them to another folder. Suddenly still come in handy?
  4. Recall which applications have been installed on the iPhone and iPad since the last successful backup. And most importantly, if these programs allow you to work with documents (books, PDF, pictures, text files, etc.), take a look. But didn’t you upload files with the name in Russian into them? If so, then most likely they are the cause of the “iPhone disconnected” during backup in iTunes. Remove them from the device.
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These are the tips from "real life." And they really work!

From myself, I want to note that it most often helps: replacing the cable with the original (certified), updating the firmware and deleting documents (with Russian names) in the applications on the device. It is on these points that it is worth paying attention in the very first place.