Singer Billy Ailish

Singer Billy Ailish

Visiting Ivan, the most talked about singer of the last year, the youngest leader of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Billy Elish! The musician, whose concerts can not get tickets, will tell you that he listens in the car, what to do to create the perfect acoustics in the bedroom, will pass a test for similarity with Billie Eilish / Billie Eilish and perform the Russian version of the song Bad Guy.
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CJ 4 Years Old

Billy ha 12 year old girls laughing in studio

Nastenka _ Kosh 4 years old

Masha Walker 4 years old

2:58 how cute&# 128525;&# 128525;&# 128525;

Lady Anna 4 years old

And why do Russians steal all traditions like embroidery?

Kira Maznuzina 4 years old

That’s cool, I also want to play the saw

Wonder Xo 4 Years Old

Do not give thanks 12:26 12:26 12:26 12:26 12:26 12:26 12:26 12:26 12:26 12:26 12:26 12:26

Bakdaulet Shamen 5 years ago

Oleeeeeee Billy And Evening Urgant something with something

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O4ko3aWriK 5 years ago

Actually it was just really cool!

I seduce with a look 5 years ago

I am only ashamed of the fact that when Billy entered the studio, some aunt sang her song there with a terrible accent and expression of the song itself

keySai 5 years ago

Seryozha Iminov 5 years ago

And how does he speak her in Russian but does she understand?

Valdis DedMoroRozov 5 years ago

I do not like her. her clip is terrible. cannot sit normally. loose girl. where is the world going? Aljay faded whitish appeared?


If you listen to her we like

Oktavia Gimp 5 Years Old

How does she understand you?

Angelina Malinka 5 years ago

it "Yeah" made my day &# 128525;&# 128525;&# 128525;

the unfamiliar animeshnitsa 5 year old

I love you beat and your songs

Diana Redko 5 years ago

So cute

Slavok Efimov 5 years ago

Everyone laughed at each successful one, and I, too, yell, I can’t, ahah.

Egor Markin 5 years ago

Mafa [NYA] 5 years ago

Am I not infuriated by the Russian translation alone?&# 128580;

Major Rico 5 years ago

Billy: I love to eat Fanatics: I WILL NOW LIKE TO LIKE IT TO BE SIMILAR TO HER

mr_ ADEON 5 years ago

Tleules Akbota 5 years ago

Energy96_ 5 years ago

Billy said lazily: "duh". Fans and fans: aoOAOaoaoaoaoAOAOAOAOAOA

CS Inc 5 year ago

Mda Belyash is the only person who could get settled in this chair.

Jieva Min 5 years ago

invite bts&# 128546;&# 128525; Armie Like to be noticed

[MR KEYN] 5 years ago

Does she understand Russian and doesn’t speak it herself?

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Nastya Tikhonova 5 years ago

Billy Ailish- funny Fans- AHPAAHAOKHZAZAHPARHSHVAPAHHHAAAAASCHZCHCHPAZVHVAH. &# 128514;&# 128514;&# 128514;&# 128514;&# 128514;&# 128514; not what!

AlextrazA Gaming 5 Years Old

-_ GUNNER _- 5 years ago

An interesting fact about you. You go into the comments and just like the first comment on the likes, even without looking at it. Because everyone did it.

AltMint ಠ_ಠ 5 years ago

Potato Bag 5 Years Old

she looks so much like max out "Two girls are aground"

Dasha Kozlova 5 years old

Stop, I didn’t understand, but Bily said that Uncle understood this

Victoria Shcherbakova 5 years ago

nice video 5 years ago

What kind of hype around her? Explain, please.

Prosto chelovek 5 years ago

Billy: took off her glasses Hall: _ОAOAOAOAOAOAOA_

Singer Billy Ailish

Elizaveta Zaseeva 5 years ago

Vaaaprtolzshrpaaaaapap such a tender YES

Mikha Bondarenko 5 years ago

Better to invite Pugachev or Leontiev.

[MR KEYN] 5 years ago

Who yelled&# 128514;&# 128514;&# 128514; with her she thought HELLLLPPPPPP !!

Aisha Mergenbai 5 years ago

Such a happy man onn&# 128557;&# 128557;&# 128525;&# 128525;

Oleg Manzhos 5 years ago

Anastasia Golovina 5 years ago

Billy grins Fanatics: AOAOALALAOA

Alexander Sergeenko 5 years ago

Vika Leonova 5 years ago

8 199,827 views in 2 days, google

Sumary Last 5 Years Old

And from such personalities modern children are fanatic.

Lesia Sharafieva 5 years ago

She said so sweet "Yes" &# 128525;&# 128525;&# 128591;

Nostalgy. com 5 year ago

Her this "Yes" just a brain explosion. Just rolls over the cuteness.

Starco_Diez 5 years ago

Yes WELL !! Duh THIS IS NOT YES. Duh is something like a sigh when bored or clatter!

DREAM Ka 5 years old

Billy: breathing Fans: not talent, but TALENT

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Dort 5 Years Old

Does she have an earphone that translates? Russian

Lisa Chizhova 5 years ago

Why so few interviews?

Samrik TV 5 Years Old

Doesn’t it bother anyone that she answers the Russian language ?!

Madness Child 5 Years Old

The feeling that the translator is Billy)))