Setting Up The Internet And Wi-Fi Router

Setting Up The Internet And Wi-Fi Router

Setting up the router does not require a higher education in programming, but you still need skills and knowledge in setting up computer hardware and equipment.

The cost of services for setting up the Internet and Wi-Fi router

Router failure

A router is a network equipment that can distribute the Internet via Wi-Fi and a wired network, but in order for it to fully perform its functions, it needs to be configured. It is necessary to adjust the operation of the router at the time of its first installation. But it also happens that for some reason the settings go astray and you have to restore it more often.

Why does the router fail?

There are similar cases due to:

  • Power outages. Frequent power outages can cause the router to stop working, sometimes it is enough to restart it, and sometimes you have to reflash it. After the firmware, the equipment needs to be reconfigured to the access point.
  • Poor router. We recommend choosing a router before you buy with maximum bandwidth, otherwise the Internet will be slow.
  • Inconsistencies between equipment and Internet provider. Some router instructions specify specific providers that are not supported by the device, the developers themselves establish a certain framework for use.
  • The special work of gadgets, computer equipment that accept a wireless network. For example, a MacBook, sometimes it can automatically change the channel and frequency, which you need to switch yourself.
  • Hacking equipment by password guessing or other methods.
  • Change the IP address of the provider, etc.
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Device Breakdown Frequency

If the PC user does not understand the settings of the router, we will certainly offer maintenance services, which include not only the settings, but also advice on any issues related to the operation of the device. The frequency of receiving applications from users depends on many factors, and we always go to a meeting. help set up the Internet.
We go to the requests of our customers to troubleshoot the router and configure the Internet. The frequency of calls depends on the quality of equipment and the skills of using the router. That is, a router that is too cheap or old may not work or work intermittently, and it will often go wrong if you configure it yourself without any idea of ​​such things.

Services of our company

You do not need to fix the failure of the router yourself if the Internet is really gone because of its malfunction. It is enough to call our specialists and discuss the details over the telephone. In extreme cases, if the problem cannot be resolved in absentia, then in a few hours our employee will come to your home or to work (depending on where the router is installed) and independently adjust the equipment.
In order not to encounter a similar problem of the Internet and the router, it’s better to turn to a good specialist who will not only configure the device, but also understandably and clearly explain to the user how to configure it, change the password or open access. Our experts are faced with such tasks every day, so they can quickly configure the equipment for computer equipment or gadgets.