Review Of Mi Router 4

Review Of Mi Router 4

Test results have confirmed this.

It’s impossible to live without access to the network today. At the same time, not only the fact of the availability of the Internet, but also its quality is of great importance. If the pages load slowly and the connection constantly breaks, then it just freaks out.

Why slows down the wireless Internet

Wi-Fi network speed is influenced by many different factors. This is the power of the transmitter, and its location, and obstacles to the propagation of the signal. But sometimes interference from other devices and networks has the greatest impact.

Wireless networks use two frequency ranges – 2.4 and 5 GHz, with most gadgets working in the first one. As a result, the devices interfere with each other, which leads to a decrease in the data transfer rate.

Sometimes you can fix the situation by simply sorting through the channels. How to do this, we already wrote earlier. But this method does not always help, since free channels may simply not remain. And then there remains only one option – the transition to the 5 GHz band, which so far is used very poorly. However, for this you will need a new modern router.

Why exactly Mi WiFi Router 4

We will not try to impress you with a listing of all technical specifications and supported standards. For most ordinary users, this is completely unnecessary. Suffice it to say that this is a fresh model, which was born in the spring of this year. So, with the support of new technologies, everything is exactly in order there.

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In addition, Mi WiFi Router 4, like all Xiaomi products, looks great. This is a nice little white plastic gadget that will look great in any environment.

The only negative is the lack of holes for wall mounting. However, if you really need it, then digging a couple of holes in the ventilation grill on the back cover will not be difficult.

Well, the last reason is the excellent ratio of price and consumer properties of the device. Finding a more sophisticated router, of course, is not difficult at all, but it will cost much more. You can try to save money, but then you have to limit yourself to some unknown Chinese rattle.

How to connect a new router

Everything is very simple. First, connect the device to the network, and then insert the cable from your provider into the connector marked in blue.

After that, install the special Mi Wi-Fi application (Android, iOS) on the smartphone. Next, you need to enter your account information in Mi-services or create a new user. The settings of the router in most cases are automatic. You only need to set the network name and password, and then enter this data on all devices to connect.

If you need to enter the data provided by your provider manually, you will have to connect to the router via the web interface. To do this, enter in the address bar of the browser and press "Enter." Before you open the control panel of the router, where you can make all the necessary settings.

Review Of Mi Router 4

Yes, the web interface of the Xiaomi Mi Router 4 router is still available only in Chinese, but for an experienced person, understanding it will not be difficult. We hope that soon an international version with localization for different countries will also appear.

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What is the result

Test results Mi Router 4 exceeded all our expectations.

All devices connected to the 5 GHz network showed a more than fourfold increase in data transfer speed. In the screenshot below, you can see for yourself that the initial download speed was approximately 15–20 Mbit / s, and after replacing the router it exceeded 80 Mbit / s (the top three lines).

As for obsolete devices, they quietly connected to the second network from Mi Router 4 at 2.4 GHz. In this case, the increase in speed was not so impressive, but still tangible. And most importantly – the connection has become more stable and stable, without failures and breaks, even with peak loads.

If you want to radically improve the quality of the wireless network in your apartment, then Xiaomi Mi Router 4 is an excellent solution. It has a modern appearance, works stably and costs only 2,509 rubles. Just nonsense compared to the time and nerve savings that you get as a result.

The author thanks TomTop for providing the device for testing.