Review Meizu Pro 7 Plus With Two Screens

Review Meizu Pro 7 Plus With Two Screens

From Meizu this year they were waiting for an inexpensive "frameless", and received a phone with two screens. No, not YotaPhone – the design is really unique, while the front side is the same as all smartphones of the company. We are ready to talk about it in more detail and share our impressions.


At the front, the usual location is a speaker, sensors, a screen and a proprietary mTouch button. On the right are the volume and power buttons, on the left is a slot for two nano-sims, and a microphone on top. At the bottom there is a USB-C connector, a microphone, a speaker on the left, a mini-jack for headphones on the right.

Everything is new in the back – the logo went to the lower right corner, is located vertically, and in the upper left corner there is a new second touch screen, above it are two cameras and a double flash.

The smartphone case is made of aluminum. The corners are sharp. The colors of the case are black, gold, silver and “space black”. The latest exclusive to the 128 GB version. We tested silver and there is one plus in it – no scratches. Even if they appeared, it is very difficult to notice them. But if you are still afraid for safety – the kit includes a transparent plastic case. There is no protection against moisture and dust.

In terms of size, the Pro 7 Plus is almost the same as the iPhone 8 Plus, with a larger screen. He is confident in his hand, it’s convenient to operate thanks to the company button – back or home – all at the touch of a button. Here is the scanner, which works not at all perfectly.


The main 5.7-inch with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels, the number of dots per inch – 518, brightness up to 430 nits. Super AMOLED with airless layer – perfect black color. You can configure the modes – standard, adaptive, photo, full color, and temperature – from cold to warm. There is an eye protection function. The screen is excellent, as always.

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This time, Meizu abandoned the 3D Press technology, which was presented a year ago in Pro 6. The solution is correct – the benefit from such a function is minimal.

But let’s talk about the most interesting – the second display! 1.9 inches, resolution 240 × 536, the number of dots per inch 307, activated by double tapping on it.

How can I use it?

  • Call notifications, weather, steps – all this can be viewed on the second screen without activating the first.
  • Swipe up or down and the main dual camera opens – you can take selfies with fashionable blurring of the background. Also, if you are photographing someone, you can activate the second screen and your model will see the result.
  • Player mode. It is activated by holding the power button for a long time. In this mode, the main screen is turned off and only the extra one works, prolonging the life of the smartphone and without depriving you of your favorite music. One charge only for listening to music is enough for a couple of days.

A separate item is displayed in the settings for the second screen – you can choose a wallpaper, adjust notifications or completely disable it.

Performance, memory and battery

Meizu Pro 7 Plus has the best MediaTek chip to date – Helio X30. It is made using a 10-nanometer process technology and compared with chips with a 16-nanometer process technology – productivity increased by 22%, and power consumption decreased by 40%.

There are ten cores in Helio X30: two ARM Cortex-A73 with a frequency of up to 2.6 GHz, four ARM Cortex-A53 up to 2.2 GHz and four ARM Cortex-A35 up to 1.9 GHz. It is 30% more productive and 50% more economical than the past X20.

And these are not just numbers – during normal use it is very difficult to notice the difference with Qualcomm’s flagship chips. MG PowerVR 7XTP-MT4 GPU with a frequency of 850 MHz. All applications work perfectly, nothing crashes, does not slow down. At high loads there is a slight heat up to 35 degrees, but it is not so noticeable.

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RAM 6 GB standard LPDDR4X. Built-in – 64 or 128 GB, UFS 2.1.

Results of synthetic tests: AnTuTu – 110 thousand points, in GeekBench 4 – 1250 points with a single-core test and 5300 in multi-core.

But what about autonomy? The battery capacity is only 3500 mAh. But do not rush to be upset! Thanks to the optimization of the operating system and improvements in the processor, this is enough for a day of active work. Well, the proprietary technology of fast charging mCharge has not gone anywhere; with a “native” charger, you can charge a smartphone from 0 to 100% per hour with a small amount.

If you are actively following Meizu smartphones, you should be well aware of the main feature of the Pro line – a high-quality audio chip. Here installed Cirrus Logic CS43130. You can only feel the difference with good, expensive headphones. Let me remind you that the 3.5 mm connector is left here.

The main speaker is only one, no stereo and very sorry. It is located inconveniently – when watching a video it closes with your hand.


Two displays are not the only innovation. The Pro 7 and 7 Plus is the first Meizu smartphone with a dual main camera. The sensor is the same as in the MX6 and Pro 6 Plus with a resolution of 12 megapixels. Aperture ƒ / 2.0. The first camera is RGB, the second is monochrome.

Meizu has never been distinguished by excellent cameras, but this time it is much better, although it is still far from ideal. The best photos are obtained in the daytime, in the evening and at night it is noticeably worse. Phase autofocus is slow. HDR is fast.

Review Meizu Pro 7 Plus With Two Screens

There is a feature for portrait shots with background blur:

The video shoots with a resolution of up to 4K, only digital stabilization. Quality for the four. Recording slow motion video in 720p.

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Updated front camera – 16 megapixels, aperture f / 2.0, image enhancement technology from ArcSoft. A good camera, but now it is only needed for video calls, because selfies are much better at getting to the main one.

operating system

Out of the box, the smartphone runs on Android 7.0 with the proprietary Flyme 6 shell. We already talked about it. The company has not yet announced the seventh version and testing period for Android 8.0 Oreo, which is a pity.

There are no particular complaints about Flyme 6 – it works smoothly, without glitches, everything is thought out and convenient.

In Russia, a 64 GB Pro 7 costs 35,000 rubles, a Pro 7 Plus for the same 64 GB costs 45,000 rubles, and 128 GB costs 50,000 rubles.


Meizu again managed to surprise everyone. The second screen not only highlights Pro 7, but also has a really useful feature, unlike 3D Press. You can’t do without minuses, among the most notable ones: a meager kit, a camera with average quality and speed without optical stabilization, poor speaker placement and lack of stereo, a housing without moisture and dust protection, no NFC for contactless payment and a noticeably increased price.

Comparing the Pro 7 Plus with the others is not worth it – there is an audio chip and a mini-jack connector, a convenient proprietary shell, the ability to easily take selfies with blur on the main camera, and it looks easy to distinguish from others!

For whom is Pro 7 suitable? Of course, the owners of the MX6 or Pro 6 Plus should be updated, because this new product is better than its predecessors in everything, and fans will stand out for this flagship. In all other respects, Pro 7 significantly loses to the flagships of popular brands, so you should wait for 2018, in which Meizu promised to present its first “frameless” smartphone of the MX line. We hope that with the new design, the company will eliminate all the disadvantages and show a truly affordable and upscale device.