Review Asus Rt-Ac53 Router – It Won’T Be Cheaper!

Review Asus Rt-Ac53 Router - It Won’T Be Cheaper!


The new ASUS router will suit an extremely impressive crowd of suffering citizens, especially if they have lived in houses where city telephone networks have already placed access points for their GPON terminals in all corners of WiFi.
In such a home, Wi-Fi works disgustingly and urgently needs a device capable of functioning in the 5GHz band. Agree that all AC solutions cost very, very tangible money, and you don’t always want to take unknown netis and other tplinks.
What to do? So Asus gave an answer to this question by launching the RT-AC53 model. The new router is made in maximum saving mode on circuitry, but at the same time is equipped with the most necessary functions.

The package includes a power supply, patch cord and a set of instructions.

The router itself is neatly sealed with shipping foils and is made in the classic ASUS style. The neat, slightly glossy ribbed surface of the black case does not collect dust and fingerprints well, which is especially valuable if the router is destined to stand in a prominent place.

The front panel of the RT-AC53 has six blue LEDs that inform the user about the status of the device. In addition to indicating the activity of LAN ports, we can monitor the status of the WAN (Internet connection), the Wi-Fi controller and the availability of system power.

On the rear panel of the RT-AC53, there are lots of surprises waiting for us, for example, the router has only two LAN ports, fixed antennas and a completely missing USB port.

It’s nice that they left the WPS authorization and power buttons of the device. What is the reason for this decision? Of course, with a price.
Yes, and a tangible policy of combating wires is gradually bearing fruit, because an increasing number of users prefer to work over Wi-Fi, rather than over the wire.

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Technical specifications ASUS RT-AC53 impress with variety, and this completely eliminates the mixed feelings of the review of the rear panel of the router.
So, the device supports two bands (2.4 and 5 GHz), knows the protocols 802.11 n and 802.11 ac, which allows you to transfer data at speeds of up to 300Mbit / s and 433Mbit / s, respectively.
The following encryption types are supported: 64-bit WEP, 128-bit WEP, WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2-Enterprise, Radius with 802.1x.

RT-AC53 can be hung on the wall, for this the back cover of the device made special cutouts for the heads of self-tapping screws.

The cooling system of the router is made in the form of numerous holes around the perimeter of the case and works on the principle of natural convection. Note that this is a rare case when the router practically did not heat up during testing.

Operation of the ASUS RT-AC53 Router

The undoubted advantage of ASUS routers is their simple installation, which can be done by almost any computer user. Honestly, their instructions are actually more than detailed, and the hint system allows you to quickly deploy the device to your home network.

In addition, the firmware of ASUS routers has been a certain standard of functionality and ease of use for many years. Therefore, in each review of the network products of a Taiwanese company, we provide screenshots of the router control interface.

In the main menu we see an indication of the main processes occurring in the device. The user has access to information about the number of connected users, the status of the WiFi controller and basic information about the connection.

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In the “Traffic Manager” tab, we can enable the mode of working with detailed packet processing. In this case, the router will optimally distribute the load on the channel giving a significant priority to a number of applications.

The tab "Traffic Monitor" clearly shows the network activity of the device. Allowing to switch between all incoming / outgoing ports.

Port forwarding settings are done in the Internet tab. You can configure the application routing you need to access them from the Internet. It is important to understand that for the correct operation of this function, it is necessary to check the firewall settings.

Review Asus Rt-Ac53 Router - It Won’T Be Cheaper!

For those parents who need to violently restrict their children from the Internet, there is an advanced lock mode. This is not the first year that ASUS firmware has a good tool for working with traffic control. And although smart children calmly circumvent the blockages, there are still people who are trying to resist this. You can feel like a local “Roskomnadzor” after clicking on the “Parental Control” tab.

The next extremely useful and interesting point is the VPN. RT-AC53 is equipped with its own VPN server, which can be used without any restrictions. Let me remind you that for many years routers were deprived of this opportunity, although all sorts of tricky firmware helped expand the capabilities of home routers, but it didn’t reach a correctly working VPN. So, RT-AC53 can be used as a VPN server or client according to the situation. PPTP and L2TP connections are supported.

The built-in firewall can seriously complicate the life of households in terms of restricting network use. Parental control is interesting, but without fine-tuning the “firewall” it can be useless. The firewall creates all the conditions for a very fine-tuning of a huge number of prohibitions and locks. Get around? Of course you can, but you need to think. This is a story for a single story.

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We will not list the rest of the bookmarks, we only recall that the firmware allows a lot and puts ASUS routers on the same shelf with much more eminent providers of semi-professional solutions.

Testing ASUS RT-AC53

Testing routers is very difficult to organize as part of a home run, so we restrict ourselves to traditional tests of data transfer speed when downloading torrents and traffic distribution depending on the endpoints of circulation. So we check the download speed of a 1GB file between two NAS’s, then we raise the torrent client and distribute a 100GB file between five network devices. The results are below.

The presented data characterize the RT-AC53 as an entry-level router, however, this is manifested only in the "hardcore" test with the distribution of addressing between five machines working through a network port at a speed of 1 Gbit / s. As for the rest of the results, they are absolutely predictable and comfortable.
ASUS RT-AC53 solution for a variety of users. If you need an inexpensive AC WIFI router with a dual-band access point, then be sure to look at this model.

For such money, nothing “eminent” can be taken. And then immediately, and firmware, and MIMO antennas and excellent design. And who needs USB ports and three more LAN connectors, then I’m sorry – this is already more expensive. According to the totality of the data, we award RT-AC53 with the “Successful purchase!” Award.