Replacing The Display (Touchscreen) Microsoft Lumia 640

Replacing The Display (Touchscreen) Microsoft Lumia 640

Replacing the display (touchscreen) Microsoft Lumia 640

Despite the budget, Nokia Lumia Dual Sim looks similar to expensive models. But in any smartphone, the screen is a vowel problem and a vulnerable element. It is impossible to protect the device from external influences. Therefore, if a visible defect appears on it as a result of a fall or impact, then the user will have to replace the display / touchscreen Lumiya 640. The cost of replacing the display (touchscreen) in the company is available to each smartphone owner.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Display Replacement

The technical characteristics of this element are striking in resolution and size. However, if the display has visible damage, then there is no need to talk about quality and performance.

In the event that the phone screen does not show the image, but the device continues to pick up calls, you can talk about the breakdown of the matrix or cable.

  • the presence of spots;
  • defective pixels;
  • dullness of the picture.

If you need a high-quality replacement of the module on the smartphone of this brand, then you should contact the Microsoft service center (Microsoft). Only at us the cost of replacing the Lumia 640 display will be a justified and rational solution, because we use only original accessories from the manufacturer.

Replacing the touchscreen Microsoft Lumia 640

Without normal sensor operation, it will be impossible to control and perform operations from the phone. The reasons for which the touchscreen of the gadget does not work include mechanical damage (cracks, chips) and wear.

Replacing The Display (Touchscreen) Microsoft Lumia 640

A complete absence or partial response to user touch indicates that touchscreen repair is required. To do this, the engineers of the official service center will peel the glass so that the matrix remains intact. Only after that a new original part will be mounted on a special adhesive base. Replacing the touchscreen Lumiya 640 is a complex technical operation that requires the use of special equipment that is available in the workshops.

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Quality assurance

By contacting the official service center in Moscow, the owners of such smartphones will be able to easily eliminate defects if it fell, crashed or cracked glass. In doing so, we resolve the following issues:

The use of original components and the professionalism of engineers allows us to provide a guarantee based on the amount of work performed. Warranty for repairs. pledge and supporting document defining the benefits of cooperation. Company branded centers are located in more than 20 cities of Russia, so every resident of a vast country can freely visit the office to fix the breakdown. To get detailed information about how much the service costs, open the price list. However, we guarantee that everyone will like the price of the service. Standard or urgent, cheap and economically justified, professional and reliable repairs – this is what you get at the company at an affordable cost.