Remote Control Android Google – A Convenient Service For Managing Information At A Distance

Remote Control Android Google - A Convenient Service For Managing Information At A Distance

Until recently, Google Android remote control was only available through a browser from a phone or computer. At the same time, the service took a long time to load, consumed a large amount of Internet traffic and it was not always easy and convenient to use it. We offer to consider a special application for managing mobile gadgets running Android OS, which can be downloaded for free from the Playmarket.

Application screenshots


Users of Android devices have waited for a mobile application for remote control and location tracking of gadgets. A similar web service slowed down notably, especially on older phone models, despite the identical capabilities. Now you do not need to wait for the site to load, just click on the application icon from the desktop to open a powerful tool for remote control from Google.


The appearance of the application resembles the website of the service for remote control of Android devices from Google. Most of the home screen is occupied by a map of the area, on which smartphones and tablets registered on the network are displayed with dots in circles. Unlike the website, in the mobile application you see all your devices at once, and from which you launched the program and which you need to find or block. Switching between them is simple, just click on the icon located in the upper area of ​​the screen.

Under each device, information is displayed on the date of its last use, as well as the main functions, which will be discussed in the next section. At the top of the screen is a line with the name of the application and the name of the Google account used by the phone. To the right, already familiar, is the settings tab, in the form of three vertically arranged dots. In it, the user can change the account, update data, rename the device, call help or write a letter to the developer.

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By the way, the application has the ability to view a map with three-dimensional layouts of buildings. Their size relative to each other is the same in scale and will allow you to navigate in unfamiliar corners of the city. Also, all streets and major municipal, educational and other institutions have a sign that becomes available when the map is scaled up. In general, the application interface pleases with its simplicity and ease of use. There should not be any difficulties with its development, which is required when stressful situations arise with theft or loss of a mobile phone.

Key features

The key functions of the mobile application for remote control of mobile phones on Android from Google are as follows:

  • Block a mobile device that you have stolen or has been lost. In this case, the system will prompt you to enter a new password and the attacker simply will not be able to use the stolen smartphone.
  • Clear contact list and internal memory from all data, including installed applications. In essence, this operation is a return of the device to the factory settings. At the same time, it will be practically impossible to format a microSD card, if one is used on a phone or tablet.
  • View the location of all mobile devices tied to a specific account that are on the network.
  • The ability to ring a mobile phone at any time by pressing a special button. At the same time, the sound signal at maximum volume will be turned on on the desired device.

The principle of operation and the main features of the mobile application almost exactly repeat the same service on the website. You no longer need to make a bunch of unnecessary operations, because you can go to a map in a couple of clicks, on which all active devices are displayed. This program may be in demand not only in the case when your mobile phone was stolen from you, but also in ordinary household situations.

Remote Control Android Google - A Convenient Service For Managing Information At A Distance

As for the accuracy of positioning, it depends on several factors. Firstly, these are the base stations of the mobile operator, on which the coverage density and signal reception level will depend. The second factor is the coordinates of the Wi-Fi antennas, which were previously determined by other mobile devices. In general, the accuracy of the location will be enough to track a specific street and the direction of movement of the device.
We recommend watching the training video on remote access to control a mobile phone on the Android OS. Note that the capabilities of a computer site are almost similar to the mobile application in question.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The mobile application for remote access to Android mobile devices was a logical step from Google. It has contributed to the greater popularity of the service and has a number of features and advantages:

  • Simple and convenient interface.
  • Unlike a computer website, a mobile application allows you to view all the phones and tablets attached to a specific account at once.
  • The ability to erase data, block and ring the phone in remote control in just a few clicks.
  • Satisfactory location accuracy.

Unfortunately, he also has flaws. For example, in order for a device to be displayed on a map, it is necessary that it be turned on and have access to the Internet. Also, developers should work on camouflage, because on a lost or stolen phone, an attacker will see that he is being watched. In other aspects, it is almost impossible to find fault with the program, it copes with its functions perfectly and will be useful to many users.