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Review of Nokia 6 2018 (Nokia 6.1) – there is progress …

I must say right away – I have in my hands the Chinese version bought on Aliexpress and this is not very good for a review, because people who buy Nokia 6 2018 are more likely to get the official international version. And they’ll do it right, because in the Chinese there is no NFC module, which is in the international model. In the Chinese, firmware is installed based on Android 7, which also will not be updated by air. The official version of the Android 8.0 smartphone will have no problems getting updates, and updates for Nokia smartphones come out regularly – for those who don’t know: the software support for this brand is excellent.

Of course, a PCT smartphone will cost more than a Chinese with Aliexpress, but I think it’s still worth it to overpay a bit and get normal NFC software. Be that as it may, a general idea of ​​the model can be obtained with the help of the Chinese modification. Getting started with the new Nokia 6.1!

– block s / y
– USB-C cable
– paper clip for tray


I liked the design. I pay tribute to Nokia designers for trying to adhere to their own style, which was chosen by them in 2017 and most importantly – they do not copy the iPhone. And already this makes them self-sufficient.

Visually updated "six" looks gorgeous. Smooth ends with copper chamfers in the black version. The same copper edging of the camera and fingerprint scanner. There is a white version, and cool blue, but I repeat – black is also beautiful in its own way. The case itself is made of solid aluminum and it is unlikely that anyone will have any complaints about its strength. The back panel is matte, non-slip, practical enough, but of course, wet and greasy fingerprints remain on it – there’s no getting away from this.

The metal power and volume buttons on the right, they sit tight in their niches, do not rattle. Tray for nanoSIM cards combined.

On top is the headphone jack. USB-C connector at the bottom and here we see the speaker and microphone.

Let me remind you that Nokia 6 2018 has a classic screen with a 16: 9 ratio, under the screen there is a 12 mm wide panel, but it is empty. In this regard, many will not like the presence of touch-screen buttons, which could well be settled under the display. You can swap buttons. Also, not everyone will like the side black frames, which look wide due to the same black metal frame adjacent to the screen itself. The width of the case is standard – approximately 75 mm.

But the panels above and below the screen are not very wide and because of this, the new Nokia 6 has a shorter length than competitors. So, for example, Nokia looks next to the Meizu M6 Note:

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With the naked eye you can see that Nokia is shorter – the body length is 148.5 mm. Meizu M6 Note has a length of 154 mm. The thickness of the “six” is declared 8 mm, but this is taking into account the slightly protruding main camera, the case itself has a thickness of just over 7 mm. And the device weighs 172 g.

Ergonomics have a couple of questions. Yes, straight angular ends look cool, but at the same time they cut into the palm a little with a standard grip. And the second thing I didn’t like was the location of the fingerprint scanner, which due to this design of the camera is shifted closer to the center and this is really not convenient. Here it’s not even a habit – it’s just not ergonomic. The scanner itself is not super-fast, but it is not a brake at all. And if you are used to using LED events, then you need to know that there is no such LED.


On the forums, I saw discussions around the stock of brightness, so I paid special attention to this. Perhaps someone was expecting some special brightness here. &# 128578; In fact, there are no problems in this regard. Yes, of course, the picture will be dimmer in the sun, but this is normal, so it is for everyone. The display in the sun remains readable – purposefully compared with its Redmi 4 pro in the sun – the Nokia 6 2018 screen reads no worse.

The minimum brightness is adequate – it is comfortable to use in the dark. I’ll also add that in the settings you can adjust the color temperature using the slider, making the colors either colder, or vice versa, warmer.


If last year’s Nokia 6 had a completely budget Snapdragon 430 processor, then Nokia 6.1 got a much more efficient and, more importantly, more energy-efficient Snapdragon 630 with Adreno 508 graphics. In China, the smartphone is sold with such memory sizes: 4/32 GB and 4/64 GB International version: 3/32 GB and 4/64 GB (RAM LPDDR 4). The system takes up a lot of space – in my device from 32 GB of user memory out of the box, only 17.5 GB was available. Consider this when choosing. On the whole, a positive picture emerges in terms of hardware – simply because most users do not need more powerful hardware: the 600th line from Qualcomm is definitely good.

And if you play on a smartphone, then the new “six” looks definitely better than last year. For example, mobile tanks (WOT BLITZ) are quite playable at medium-high graphics settings. The maximum settings, of course, require turning off the shadows and various effects, but on average there will be no problems at all.


As I already noted, the international version of Nokia 6.1 received the latest Android 8.0 the most current updates in the future. My Chinese is on 7th Android, the firmware is multilingual, Russian is in place, Russification is almost complete, but occasionally you can find options in English. The market and Google services are also here, there is no third-party software at all – only a standard set of programs. Perhaps later I will be able to reflash the Chinese to the official updated global.

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The interface I would call minimalistic. By default, a separate application menu is not available – all the icons on the desktops. But in the settings you can activate the application menu, which is called up on the screen with a swipe from below. There is nothing special in the settings – yes, there are a couple of gestures for quick access to notifications and the camera. Well, the rest is the usual functionality for Android. Pre-installed wallpapers are certainly not standard, as well as a set of ringtones and among this list of tunes there is of course the legendary NokiaTune.


If you believe the description of the sellers on Ali, even the Chinese version supports the popular LTE frequencies, including Band 3/7/20, not to mention the international modification. GPS / GLONASS satellites are picked up instantly. FM radio on board. There is a gyroscope, a Hall sensor, OTG is supported, WiFi is dual-band, and the NFC module that is important for many is only in the international version (not in Chinese NFC).

In the history of the brand, Nokia has released many phones with excellent musical capabilities. What now? And now we have a regular speaker – yes, quite loud, yes it is not annoying, but at the same time it does not surprise anyone.

Through the headphones, the smartphone sounds good, but again, no better than the competition.


The main camera is 16 MP, the aperture is F / 2.0, the ZEISS optics are declared in the international version, but it is not known whether it is in the Chinese. But the ZEISS logo on the Chinese is missing.

There is a manual mode that allows you to adjust the white balance, exposure, type of focus, but the manual mode is still not complete, because based on presets.

Product Reviews And Reviews About Online Stores

Nokia’s camera feature is Dual and PIP modes. The first divides the frame into two parts and allows you to simultaneously take photos and even videos on both the front and main cameras. PIP mode is a picture in a picture: the main part of the frame is captured by the main camera, and in the corner we have a frame from the front camera, where you can comment on what is happening in the frame. At the same time, the location of the image from the front camera can be easily changed by dragging the frame. Such functionality can be appreciated by people who remove vlogs, and not only that.

The quality of the photo. I don’t know how the situation will be in the international version, in the Chinese the camera is the most ordinary, not special in anything. But according to my feelings, it is capable of more and the point here, of course, is in raw software. Everything is fine on the street. But with insufficient coverage of the problem: autofocus does not work as fast as we would like, detail drops.

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Video mode pleased with a relatively clear picture and the availability of support for shooting in 4K. But there are also disadvantages: there is no image stabilization – this is the time. Slow autofocus with a lack of light – these are two.

I paid special attention to sound quality when shooting video, because the manufacturer claims high-quality sound recording to 2 microphones using Nokia OZO Audio technology. Well, in this regard, Nokia 6 2018 really looks good and, I think, with this smartphone you will be able to shoot something at a concert or in another noisy place.

And I note the availability of the ability to shoot slow-motion Slow Motion video, and not in HD resolution, as is usually the case, but in FullHD.

The front camera is 8 MP, it has a good capture angle, decent quality, and there is even the possibility of shooting with blurring the background. True, blurring is far from ideal – the algorithms make mistakes.


The battery capacity is 3000 mAh, but do not rush to cheat this battery. Do not forget that we have an energy-efficient processor, and programmers have probably worked on optimization. Of course, Nokia 6.1 (2018) is not a classic long-playing smartphone. But autonomy here is definitely not bad. Over night, 3% of the charge was consumed with the active radio module. The discharge when watching online video at medium brightness was 31% for 3 hours (10% per hour) and this is not bad.

Fast charge supported. In the kit we have the appropriate adapter:


Yes, Nokia used to be a leader in the smartphone market. Now everything is different. Many generally wrote off this brand for scrap. I believe that Nokia’s comeback still took place last year. No matter who says it, but Nokia continues to live, it is well known that these smartphones are buying. Yes, the scale is not the same. Yes, this is another Nokia, but nevertheless … As for the Nokia 6 2018, the smartphone is decent. Again, he is not the best for his money, we are returning to fierce competition. But the device will definitely find its buyer. His hardware is quite relevant, he has his own style, and I hope the camera will be improved with updates. Fans of the brand updated "six" should like.


– The Chinese version from the review was bought on Ali HERE>>
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