Photos of the world’s first unboxing iPhone 11 Pro Max

Photos of the world’s first unboxing iPhone 11 Pro Maxthirty

Apple an amazing company that manages to combine predictability and an innovative approach to its products. That is why, when buying another new product of the company, we know in advance what we can expect from it. Well, how could it be otherwise, if the release of the new iPhone is invariably preceded by a series of leaks, and it itself has the same package, the composition of which we learned by heart ten years ago? But this year, Apple made changes not only in the appearance of the device, but also in the packaging in which it is delivered.

Photos of the world's first unboxing iPhone 11 Pro Max

What’s in the box of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

How the bundle of iPhone 11 Pro Max has changed

Photos of the world's first unboxing iPhone 11 Pro Max

Unpacking the iPhone 11 Pro Max

Photos of the world's first unboxing iPhone 11 Pro Max

What does the packaging of the iPhone 11 Pro Max look like?

This year, Apple decided to change the color of the package. Now, regardless of the color of the device itself, the box will be black. However, it will still display the back of the iPhone, indicating changes have occurred. Not to say that the color of the box somehow changes the perception of the device, but the combination of black packaging and a golden smartphone looks, frankly, unusual.

The delivery set has also changed. Now the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are equipped with an 18 W power adapter. Apparently, this is the same memory used by the owners of the iPad Pro 2018. It has the same power and appearance, even the USB-C connector was saved. For this reason, the bundled Lightning-USB-A cable was replaced with a compatible Lightning-USB-C. Otherwise, nothing unusual.

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Photos of the world's first unboxing iPhone 11 Pro Max

Power supply for iPhone 11 Pro Max

How the iPhone 11 Pro Max differs from the iPhone XS Max

In appearance, the device is completely identical to the models to which the guests of the presentation were admitted after the official event. I mean, the back of the smartphone is completely devoid of any inscriptions. Even the brand name was removed, leaving only an apple. Apparently, the designers considered that a triple camera would be more than enough, and therefore decided not to overfill the back with unnecessary elements.

Photos of the world's first unboxing iPhone 11 Pro Max

Compare iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 10

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max itself is practically the same as the iPhone XS Max. Apple retained the same body materials, the same front panel design, and the notch dimensions in the display. But the SIM card slot was placed a little higher. Apparently, this was done due to a change in the internal layout of the elements. In the end, insiders claim that the composition of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is somewhat different from the previous generation model.

Photos of the world's first unboxing iPhone 11 Pro Max

What the iPhone 11 Pro Max looks like in the back

Despite the fact that Apple has changed the delivery package of the new iPhone, there is nothing unusual or unexpected there. In Cupertino, they generally prefer not to bother about the packaging of their products, making them as minimalistic and laid-back as possible. There you will not find either covers or a wireless charging station, and more recently, adapters. In the end, Apple branded products are cool without those whistles.

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Best commentary

I don’t understand where so much whining about the look of the iPhone? As always, damn it, at first everyone whines together that he is dumb, then time will pass, his appearance will become familiar and everyone will start to buy it.
I very much doubt that in the years 20-21 new iPhones with a completely different appearance of a triple camera will be released.
I personally do not think the slender camera is such a fear. Not familiar – yes, in a new way – yes, but this is a matter of taste and habit. Once upon a time, everyone cursed at a terrible dual camera.