Overview Of The Android-Smartphone Meizu M5 Note Update “Tablet” -Bestseller (Page 10)

Overview Of The Android-Smartphone Meizu M5 Note Update “Tablet” -Bestseller (Page 10)
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Overview Of The Android-Smartphone Meizu M5 Note Update “Tablet” -Bestseller (Page 10)

Comparison with competitors Meizu M5 Note

In addition to the competitor in its own lineup, the Meizu M5 Note has a considerable number of rivals released by other brands. Let’s try to compare them and see if its purchase is justified.

The first in the list of opponents is the current “tablet phone” from Xiaomi’s budget line – Redmi Note 4. It offers a more efficient processor and a comparable amount of memory comparable to the top-end Meizu M5 Note modification. Other differences come down to the presence of an infrared port and a different battery capacity. The question immediately arises, why is the price tag so different? The main reason is the Russian certification of Meizu devices and the absence of one from Xiaomi.

Thus, if you save money, you can refuse technical support and an official guarantee on the territory of Russia and be prepared for errors with Russification and optimization of software. And the question of the reliability and durability of Xiaomi devices is generally debatable (this is from personal experience). However, the final decision rests with the buyer.

The next competitor is a representative of Zuk, which is actually a subsidiary of Lenovo. This is the former long-time flagship Zuk Z1, which differs significantly from the hero of the review.

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Here is a platform based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, and a larger (64 GB) amount of main memory. Other differences include a larger resolution of the front camera and an increased battery capacity. The price is slightly lower, and this again is explained by the lack of certification.

And if you pay attention to domestic brands? Like many Chinese companies, they have long been offering high-quality and interesting smartphones with adequate characteristics and at a reasonable price. A great example of this is Highscreen Power Five Max. What can I get if I pay a few thousand rubles? Similar SoC, more RAM and main memory, matrix type SuperAMOLED …

The latter for some users may be a decisive factor when choosing. Among other differences, we indicate a higher resolution of the front camera and infrared port, as well as a larger battery with comparable weight and size indicators. As a result, we have an interesting proposal that deserves attention.

It was already mentioned above that the hero of the review is not deprived of competitors among Meizu smartphones among his colleagues, and there are several of them. The first and most similar is the Meizu M3E, with which we compared the new product throughout the review. The device is similar to her even externally.

Connoisseurs of glass cases should pay attention to the Meizu U20. Here, in addition to the case, it is worth considering a slightly lower battery capacity, which can compensate for the low price tag.

An analogue of the smartphone mentioned above, but in a metal case, is the "inexpensive bestseller" Meizu M3 Note, which is well known to many users as a market veteran.

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In his case, we are waiting for an interesting price tag and good characteristics. However, this model may not appeal to fans of new products that prefer fresh solutions.


So, the discoveries did not happen. In fact, we are faced with the same Meizu M3E, but equipped with a more capacious battery. And although when choosing between a new and an old model it is better to stay on the new product, there is little sense in replacing the predecessor.

Being actually a repetition of the predecessor, the hero of the review also inherited the shortcomings that we noticed when testing it. Perhaps the most significant of them can be called the average quality of the camera. Yes, and it’s time to already be generous with the infrared port.

Pros of Meizu M5 Note:

  • Quality housing;
  • A good display with comfortable color reproduction and high-quality oleophobic coating;
  • Good autonomy and support for fast charging technology;
  • Fast fingerprint scanner;
  • Fast and stable navigation.

Cons of the smartphone:

  • Average shooting quality.

May not arrange:

  • Lack of an NFC antenna and infrared port;
  • The need to choose between a second SIM card and a memory card.

Thanks to:

  • Meizu’s Russian representative office for the Meizu M5 Note smartphone provided for testing.