Open The Settings Of The Router

Open The Settings Of The Router

When setting up a connection to any network of providers, you need to configure a router. Or you need to configure an additional modem.

Firstly, without sensible tuning, there will be no Internet.
Secondly, you may need to expand the network by connecting two routers.
Thirdly, you want to organize DNLA transfer of media content.
Fourth, you need to configure wi-fi.
Fifth, the router itself is connected to a modem, which distributes the Internet to the network.

Well, in the end, set up parental control, access time of network equipment to the Internet, etc. All this requires access to the router settings.

To go into the settings of the router you need to know a few things:

  1. The IP address of the device
  2. Password and login to enter the parameters of network equipment.

IP address – is the identification address of the device and is unique. Thanks to such an organization, you can log in remotely to the device to configure its parameters.

To find the IP address of the router or modem, you will need to take the appropriate steps of one of the options.

Determine the IP Address

By label

  1. Label: Trite the router toward you with the label side. It shows all the characteristics of the device.
  2. Accordingly, the IP address is indicated:

There is another option, like a box from the device itself, the IP address can also be indicated on it, but among all the information you will have to find the necessary information.

According to instructions

You can see more in the instructions. The instruction can be either in the form of a booklet or a file on the disk to the device. You can also use the official website of the manufacturer of the router and download from there. On the first pages of the manual you can find the necessary information.

Windows XP

Please note that this option will be useful if DHCP is enabled on the router. This login option will be useful for those who have Windows and more previous generations. So, we go along this path: Start, then Control Panel. Enter Network Connections. Click on Local Area Connection. Included in the Support category. Accordingly, the router’s address of interest is listed next to the IP address.

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Windows 7-10

You need to get to the Control Panel via Start, then enter the Network and the Internet, and finally open the Network and Sharing Center. Select the category Change adapter settings on the right, open the network channel that is active.

Click on the button "Information …". Near the IPv4 Default Gateway category, the IP address of the login is registered.

There is also an option to open the network channel settings window in Windows 8-10. Open the Start menu or, accordingly, the Windows logo located in place of this button. Go to the menu item – Network Connections.

There is a simple but universal way to open settings. You just need to click on the network icon in the tray.

There is a remark in this method. The network must already be configured. On the keyboard, press the WindowsR key combination. There is no difference which layout is currently enabled. In the new window, type cmd and press the OK button.

In the new window, the tracert command and the working site are registered. Say tracert Run the execution command by pressing the Enter key.

The first ping line at the end will display the IP address for the network device you need, that is, for a router or router, or modem. In the same way, you can find out the IP configuration of the network without a working site. This can happen due to problems with ping to the provider.

Instead of tracert and the address of the working site, the ipconfig command is written. Accordingly, the item "Main gateway" indicate the necessary IP address.

By the way, with such pings they check the modem’s connection with the provider via wi-fi, 3g. Running the command line on Windows 8 and newer operating systems can be done differently. Just right-click on the Windows icon in place of the Start button and select Command Prompt (Administrator). This means that the line will be launched as administrator of the computer.

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IP Address Table

Different manufacturers have a set of classic IP addresses for network equipment. It is possible that the old model of a router with wi-fi does not support entering the settings via WiFi, then in this case you need to connect with a cable. Below is a summary table for identifying a router, modem, router. This method eliminates the above options and the question itself: "How to enter the router settings by IP address?".

Wi-Fi Login

Open The Settings Of The Router

Click on the WiFi icon in the tray.

Then click the hyperlink "Network and Sharing Center."

The following steps are similar to those described above. Only accordingly, you need to click, but the wireless icon.

Possible problems

DHCP is disabled in the router. Then you have to specify the IP address of the device from which you are setting up the router or router. Open Network Connections again, but now right-click on the desired network connection and select Properties. The necessary network connection will be with blue monitors on the icon. In the window that opens, they switch to the Internet protocol (TCP / IPv4), this is with installed Windows 7-10. If Windows XP or older, then you should choose – Internet Protocol (TCP / IP).

Select the corresponding item in Windows, click on the Properties button, which is below. The switch is moved to the lower position. They indicate the IP address of your device and, in front of the Main Gateway category, enter the address from the table above corresponding to the manufacturer of your network device.

At the expense of the IP address, you must specify it completely the same as the IP address of the router, but with a difference in the last digit. Suppose the address of your router is, therefore, the IP address for the device connected ends with

You must enter the subnet mask from the following combination of numbers After changing the parameters of the network adapter, reboot the device (computer, laptop, etc.). Otherwise, there will still be problems with identifying it on the network.

There may be problems with setting up a router via WiFi, in the case of a ban on entering the device from a specific IP address or in the router settings, the MAC address of a specific device is indicated, and you can’t get into the router settings. A MAC address is an identifier for a network controller, whether it is a cable controller or WiFi. Each device has a unique MAC address.

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The router has already changed the factory login parameters, the IP address and, accordingly, the login and password have changed. Enter the settings of the router or modem with the base password and login will not work.

With this option, you can return the router to the factory settings. Simply reset the user settings.

All routers have a Reset button at the back or bottom. It is hidden in the back of the device and from the outside it only gives out a round hole. Perhaps a hole circled in a red circle. The modem, like other network devices, also has this button.

To press it, use a paste from a fountain pen, a sharpened pencil or, best of all, a straightened paper clip. Hold down Reset for 10-15 seconds, when the router LEDs turn off or blink at the same time, this will mean that the router went into reboot to the factory configuration settings and, accordingly, the firmware. All settings, including Wi-Fi, will be reset, which means that the wireless network will be reopened.

You will also have to update the device firmware again to a new one. This is useful, as new functions may appear (support for new 3G modems, automatic switching to a spare provider, possible minor flaws in the previous version of the firmware, etc.).

Password table

Regardless of how the computer or laptop is connected to the network, there is no difference in further actions to enter the settings. To configure the router (modem), you need to enter its IP address in the browser. Enter the address on the same line as the site address. Then you need to enter the password and login of the router. This input information is available in the instructions or on the sticker of the router (modem).

n / a – means that the fields are left blank and press the enter button.

For manufacturers that are not listed in the table, the de facto standard is the admin login and the same password.