Now You Can Remotely Play On The Playstation 4 Via Iphone And Ipad

Now You Can Remotely Play On The Playstation 4 Via Iphone And Ipad

There was a new firmware release for the PlayStation 4, which added a new feature for this game console. Patch version 6.50 allowed you to run video games from PS4 on devices with iOS support using the Remote Play function.

Sony has released firmware 6.50 for the PlayStation 4 systems. A feature of this update is support for remote playback on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. The release coincided with the release of the PS4 Remote Play application on the Apple App Store.

For many years, Remote Play has been used as a function in one form or another, starting with PlayStation 3. It allows you to transfer streaming games from PS4 to your PlayStation Vita, Windows or Mac laptop or other supported device, and also remotely control the game. The recently deceased Vita had a customizable game control scheme for the PS4, while Windows and Mac users could connect PlayStation’s DualShock 4 controllers to their computers.

Thus, using the iPad and iPhone, you can connect to the PlayStation 4, which is located in the home Wi-Fi network and display the image on the mobile device from the set-top box, launching any video games from the console library on it. Also, before using Remote Play on Apple mobile devices, you must install the official application on them – it is free.

However, the application has a number of limitations. For example, connecting the DualShock 4 gamepad will not work due to the lack of support for such devices on iOS (if the device is not hacked). Also, to run you need to update your iPad or iPhone at least to version iOS 12.1. Not all devices are also supported, to launch Remote Play you need an iPhone 7 or newer, as well as a minimum iPad 6th generation or iPad Pro 2nd generation or newer.

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Update 6.50 for the PlayStation 4 will also allow players to reassign the main enter button on the controller – transfer functions (X) to (O) or vice versa. For example, in Japan (O) has always been the main button on PlayStation gamepads.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to synchronize the DualShock 4 controller with the iPhone at this time. You can use the MFi controller, but its location is usually not optimal. for example, the MFi controller may not allow you to press the control buttons in the form of buttons, which are designated as L3 and R3 on the PS4 and are often used in games. In Apex Legends, L3 is the default sprint, and R3. for melee attacks. kinda critical. These buttons are accessible via touch overlay on the screen representing the PS4 controller.

Now You Can Remotely Play On The Playstation 4 Via Iphone And Ipad

Amenities include voice chats via a microphone and text input via the keyboard of your mobile device. The controls on the screen are superimposed on the image, as in many mobile games.

The application offers a number of quality settings for different connections. 360p, 540p, 720p and 1080p resolutions are available, although the highest of them requires the PlayStation 4 Pro, not the base PS4. There are two frame rate settings: standard and high.

As for Android, on this platform you can run Remote Play exclusively on Sony’s smartphones – they even support gamepads from game consoles.