Nokia Phone Does Not Catch The Network

Nokia Phone Does Not Catch The Network

What to do when Nokia does not catch the network? First you need to establish the cause, and the cause may be several factors. First, let’s try to determine: this is a problem in network support or directly in the telephone itself.

To begin with, you need to make sure of this – is there at least one division of the network reception? Try changing the settings. To do this, go to the "SETTINGS" submenu, select the "AUTO" search mode. When these actions have no effect, you can try to select your operator’s network manually. The problem may be related to your SIM card: either its validity period has expired or it is malfunctioning.

It happens that the Nokia device does not catch the network only in some places (for example, the basement floors of a building, underground parking, houses with concrete walls). Then, most likely, your mobile operator has poor radio coverage in this area. You can try to solve this problem by calling the technical support of your mobile operator. Otherwise, try reconnecting by going to the window or going out into the open.

You can test the phone by replacing the SIM card with a similar one, only of another operator. If, as before, the Nokia phone does not see the network, then often the problem is precisely the malfunction of the mobile device. The reasons for the inoperative state are many. Starting from damage to the antenna contacts and ending with the failure of the mobile phone software.

The first, most common reason may be moisture in your phone. If you notice water droplets inside the case, you need to remove the battery and thoroughly dry the components, after which you need to assemble a mobile phone and try to resume communication. If your Nokia still does not catch the network, it may have caused contact closure and disabled radio elements. There is nothing to do here on your own, so to resume the operation of the device, it is advisable to visit a service center.

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The second reason is the fall of the device or a strong blow, as a result of which the antenna of the phone was damaged. It will not be possible to solve such a problem without the intervention of a SC specialist.

The Nokia phone does not see the network even when the software was broken. Then, it will be possible to resume the operation of the mobile phone by flashing it, which must be done at the service center.