Microsoft has extended support for Windows 7

Microsoft has extended support for Windows 7

Back in early summer of this year, information appeared on the network that the American Microsoft corporation, starting from January 14, 2020, would completely abandon software support for the Windows 7 operating system released in 2009, that is, almost eleven years after its release. From this very moment, any updates, including those related to patches for the protection system, should stop issuing for this platform. Simply put, not a single update. Nevertheless, completely unexpectedly for everyone, the company decided to change its decision, that is, it extended the support for this OS, as a result of which it will be updated longer than planned.

Today, September 22, 2019, information appeared on the network that Microsoft decided to extend support for the Windows 7 operating system. It was decided to take a similar step so that the US government could continue to use it on various computers and other electronic devices, in including for training students and schoolchildren. As it turned out, many educational and government institutions in the country are simply not ready to start using a newer OS, so the American authorities asked Microsoft to extend the support period for this platform, because millions of devices are currently working on it.

Microsoft has extended support for Windows 7

Moreover, the Windows 7 operating system is used in American computers for voting, and therefore replacing it with a new one is very, very costly from a financial point of view. Of course, after the cessation of support in early 2020, all computers based on this platform would continue to work, but due to the lack of patches for the security system, they would be a target for hackers from around the world, and this would negatively affect the information security of the entire state. As a result, Microsoft promised to release updates for this OS at least until the end of the next year’s presidential election on November 3, 2020.

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Thus, most likely, support for Windows 7 from Microsoft will cease with the onset of 2021. This means that users of computers, tablets and laptops will still be able to fully use it without fear of losing support. Even despite the fact that almost eleven years have passed since its release, this platform is still extremely popular around the world, being in second place after Windows 10 in terms of prevalence in the overall ranking, which includes even macOS and Linux.

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