Lock Your Computer After A Certain Time Gpo

Lock Your Computer After A Certain Time Gpo

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Scheduled Shutdown Programs

Scheduled Shutdown Programs

How to set a computer shutdown timer

Hello everyone today, I’ll tell you how to turn off the computer using the programs using the timer. Earlier, we already considered How to set a computer shutdown timer using Windows 7, 8.1, 10. There are a great many different free programs that implement the functions of a computer shutdown timer. And not one of them (in any case, of those that I will consider, in Russian) has an official site. You can download such computer shutdown timers for free from various portals with software, just be careful: it is best to check the downloaded program in VirusTotal.com, and when installing (if required) carefully read what you are offered and refuse unnecessary things.


The PowerOff program is a kind of “harvester” that has the functions of not only a timer. I don’t know if you will use its other features, but turning off the computer works properly. The program does not require installation, but is an archive with the executable file of the program.

After starting, in the main window in the "Standard timer" section, you can configure the shutdown time:

  • Triggering at the indicated time on the system clock
  • Countdown
  • Shutdown after a period of inactivity

In addition to shutting down, you can set another action: for example, launching a program, entering hibernation mode or locking a computer.

Scheduled Shutdown Programs-01

And everything would be fine in this program, but when you close it, it does not notify you that it is not worth closing it, and the timer stops working (that is, it needs to be minimized).

Lock Your Computer After A Certain Time Gpo

Off Timer 3.6

The program with the uncomplicated name, the Shutdown Timer (in version 3.6 at the time of writing this article) has a laconic design, automatic start settings along with Windows (as well as activation of the timer at startup) and, in general, is not bad.

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Scheduled-02 computer shutdown programs

Of the shortcomings – in the sources I found, the program during installation tries to install additional software (which you can refuse) and uses the forced closure of all programs (which honestly warns about) – this means that if you work on something at the time of shutdown, save you will not have time for this.

Scheduled-03 computer shutdown programs

If you find the same program in previous versions, by the name OffTimer, you can download its version that does not require installation, but with the same main function – shutting down the computer at a given time.

SM Timer

SM Timer is another simple free program with which you can turn off your computer (or log out) either at a specified time or after a certain period of time.

Scheduled Computer Shutdown Programs-04

The program even has an official site (see the screenshot), however, be careful when downloading it: some of the download options seem to be equipped with Adware (download the SM Timer installer, not Smart TurnOff).

Here is a list of scheduled shutdown programs