Lock Applications On Android Main Programs

Lock Applications On Android Main Programs

Using mobile gadgets running the platform "Android" For a long time already implies not only the voice communication function. Their capabilities are so great that the line between fantasy and reality is blurred. They can go online, determine the location, serve as a source of a wide variety of entertainment. Smartphones are also used to store personal information: numbers, passwords, codes.

It is very important to pay attention to the safety of the smartphone. Why? It is much easier to lose than a tablet or laptop. Smartphones, like personal computers, are attacked by viruses. Therefore, in addition to installing a reliable antivirus program, applications must be blocked on "Android".

In order to protect the device, you can use either built-in tools or third-party programs, whose capabilities are wider.


This is a very powerful, but at the same time simple program for blocking applications on "Android". With its help it is possible to close access to any program or game.

App Lock on "Android" carried out by setting a password. At the same time, it is possible to protect certain specific files. For example, you can block a group of photos in the gallery. The main set of application features also includes blocking of outgoing and incoming calls, protecting programs from deletion, using a graphic key, a strong self-defense system, hiding the program icon, automatically blocking selected programs at a specific time and many other functions.

Smart App Protector

This is a less known, but also very reliable program, the purpose of which is to block applications on "Android". It reliably protects information on the device from prying eyes. Unlike the previous application, this has a set of additional control features.

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The most interesting is the observer mode, when working in which the program monitors all failed attempts to unlock, while taking pictures of a possible intruder with the front camera.

The application supports the use of a graphic and text key, can prevent turning off and automatically rotate the screen, turns on the lock at a specified time, creates backup copies of applications and restores them.

Lock Applications On Android Main Programs

Perfect App Protector

App Lock on "Android" – this is what this program does remarkably well. It blocks access to both applications and settings. The utility supports USB connection protection, blocks screen rotation, controls its brightness when running individual programs. It is possible to use a graphic password and remote locking by sending SMS to the device.

Smart Lock

User reviews say that this is a program whose purpose is to block applications on "Android"very good. She, in addition to programs, is able to block access to photos. Other main features include USB protection, sending notifications about a number change, preventing auto-rotation of the screen, SMS protection, organizing photos. In addition to everything, the program can make backups and restore settings.

In conclusion, I must say that the application for locking the screen on "Android" does not block applications. Many users confuse them with program blockers. These are just graphical shells that change the main screen and are capable of supporting a graphic key.