Light Indication On Xiaomi Smartphones

Light Indication On Xiaomi Smartphones

Xiaomi light indication and what it means

LED – a small light bulb built into the smartphone to signal the user. Sometimes a red indicator flashes, sometimes a yellow one. Each of the colors means a specific state of the phone. There are several universal notations that are automatically configured in the gadget (but you can easily change them):

  1. Yellow light. This is a signal that the power saving mode is on. This state of the phone affects synchronization, background application processes, automatic program updates, Wi-Fi and mobile Internet connections, as well as GPS. The yellow battery indicator allows you to monitor energy consumption.
  2. Red light. If the red Xiaomi signal blinks and the phone does not turn on, it means that the battery is completely discharged. The gadget needs to be kept on charge for some time before it starts turning on again. However, with a low charge level (less than 20%), the red LED also lights up after switching on.
  3. Green light. Shows the smartphone owner that the phone has already passed the minimum battery threshold, and it can already be used. If the gadget is fully charged, the indicator goes off.

LED can be customized, which means that a certain color can be chosen to your taste. So, with each unread message, the indicator may glow pink, and orange will light when unread notifications or when the power saving mode is activated. The palette depends on the Xiaomi model, but it can always be expanded using applications with keywords (LED Control) in the name.

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Light indication setting

The color of the notification light is automatically selected, but it is easily adjustable.

How to turn on LED on Xiaomi? You need to go into the settings. Then go to the "System and device" section. After that, find “Advanced Settings” or the “Advanced” subsection (depending on the device model). There, select the “Indicator light”. Further, with one click, you can turn on the light indication when charging, as well as when receiving notifications. Checking the operation of this light bulb is easy: just put the phone on charge.

More functional Xiaomi models offer the opportunity to make the indicator light up in different colors for different notifications and applications, depending on the user’s preferences.

How to change the color of the notification indicator

In Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, the notification indication is configured in the same way. In the “Indicator light” section, under the LED enable functions, there are three sections: the color of the notification indicator, calls and messages. You must select the first one and indicate your preferred color in it.

Light Indication On Xiaomi Smartphones

You can also set a separate color for notifications of different applications. Just go to the settings, then find the "All applications" section. Choose what you need there (it is most convenient to distribute different colors by messengers, social networks and email). Press “Notifications” at the top, then find the “Indicator light” (next to the “Lock screen”, “Sound”, “Vibration”), turn it on and select a color (if the model supports this function).

Light indication in different Xiaomi models

However, the function of selecting different colors is not available on all Xiaomi devices. When choosing a model among smartphones of this brand, you should pay attention to its cost – budget options often do not include this function. In the Mi 6 model, for example, the LED lights up only white, and all that is available to the user is to turn it on when unread notifications or charging. And Xiaomi Mi5 has a rich palette that you can customize to your taste or expand using special applications. Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X also has a customizable color indicator.

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Indication Issues

Often there are problems with LED on Xiaomi. If the notification indicator does not work when you receive unread notifications, you should check the settings: they may have gone astray and the light bulb just turned off. If earlier the LED was lit in different colors, and now the light is dim or the indication has completely stopped working, it is worth consulting with specialists. Several items may need to be replaced. The indicator may become malfunctioning after exposure to sudden changes in temperature and severe shock to the smartphone.