Is It Possible To Use Two Vatsaps On One Phone

Is It Possible To Use Two Vatsaps On One Phone

People who find communication on WhatsApp convenient and familiar begin to experience certain difficulties when they want to register two SIM cards at once. Today you will find out whether it is possible to use two WhatsApps in one phone and how to do it.

WhatsApp is a popular modern information exchange application. Among Android phone holders alone, there are about a billion people using it. With it, you can send photos and video files, as well as voice messages to each other. At the same time, you pay only for the consumed traffic, and not for each message separately. Do you want to send media files? It’s not difficult, for example, how to send a video to whatsapp, you will learn from our other article.

How does WhatsApp work on a dual sim phone?

On a regular smartphone that supports the use of two SIM cards, you can connect only one number to Vatsap. Unfortunately, the developers did not put in the program function the ability to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 device. Therefore, in the standard version of the application, a person has to choose the number to which more calls are made.

But, for most people using two SIM cards at once, this turns out to be a rather inconvenient option. Therefore, most of them are wondering – how to install two WhatsApp on a phone with two SIM cards?

Can I install two WhatsApp accounts on one phone?

Although this option is not provided for in the official version of the messenger, there will always be craftsmen who can circumvent uncomfortable rules. So, now you will find out how you can download and install the second vatsap on your phone.

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You should know that the methods of installing the program differ depending on the operating system of the device. Below are instructions on how to install this application on iPhone and Android.

How can I install a Windows for Windows Mobile, you can find out from our other article.

How to install two WhatsApps on one phone, if it is Android?

Here we will look at the three most popular options with which you can use two mobile phones on the same Android phone. Naturally, for this, the first account should already be created on one of the sim cards.

Option one

For this method, you do not need any special permissions, because the application that helps you duplicate Vatsap on two SIM cards can be downloaded from the Google Play Market. It is called Parallel Space and allows you to create a second version of almost any application. It’s nice that it is completely free to download.

  1. Download Parallel Space and open it on your device.
  1. Among the programs for creating copies, select WhatsApp.
  1. After copying is complete, create an icon for the new program on the main screen using the application’s prompts.
  1. Enter the created program and register the second number in it in the standard way.

Second option

For this and the following options, you may need to give permission to install third-party applications. You can do it this way:

  1. Go to device settings
  2. Open the line "Security"
  3. In the “Device Management” sub-item, search for “Unknown Sources”
  4. Check the box “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources”

Be careful when choosing sites from which you download applications. To prevent malware infection of your phone, install an antivirus on the device.

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The next option is to install the OGWhatsapp application. It is a little more complicated than the previous one and requires some skill.

  • Using search engines (Yandex or Google) you need to find OGWhatsapp and install it on your phone.
  • In the official WhatsApp, go to "Settings", open "Chat" and make a backup.
  • In the file manager of the device (also called “Explorer”), find the folder named WhatsApp and change its name to WhatsAppold.
  • Through the "Settings" go to the "Applications", find Vatsap there and click on "Clear Cache". After that, remove this application from the device.
  • Rename the desired folder again, now from WhatsAppold to OGWhatsApp.
  • Carry out the installation of OGWhatsApp, register in it the previous number to which the official vatsap was installed before.
  • From PlayMarket, download the official version of Vatsap again and register the second number in it.
Is It Possible To Use Two Vatsaps On One Phone

Now you have the right program installed for two SIM cards. You can start using it!

Third option

You can also make two WhatsApps on one Android using the GBWA program. This method is somewhat simpler than the previous one, but you may also need permission to install third-party applications, see the previous option.

  • Download GBWA and wait for the program to be installed.
  • Enter the number of the second SIM card and follow the prompts of the system.

If at the moment the card you want to put dual WhatsApp on is in another device, then use the voice confirmation function. Touch the virtual “Call” button in the application and on the device where the desired SIM card is currently located, a voice call will be made in which they will call you a special code. Enter it in the desired field of the program and the installation will be completed.

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It should be borne in mind that when updating the official version of the application, all downloaded programs may cease to function.

How to install two WhatsApp on one iPhone?

As it turned out, downloading and installing two WhatsApps on an iPhone is also quite realistic. To do this, download the official WhatsApp and tie it to one of the numbers, and then follow our instructions.

  • Search the Internet for a site called using brauzer Safari.
  • Download and install the TuTuHelper app.
  • A window will open on the screen in which there will be a proposal to upload the developer certificate to the iPhone. Express your consent.
  • Go to "Settings", select "General", find "Device Management".
  • Select the line “Winner Media Co., LTD”, enter and confirm the installation by touching the item “Trust”.
  • Launch TuTuHelper, give permission for notifications.
  • Find “WhatsApp” among the programs offered in the list and touch it.
  • Now you can go to the desktop and wait for the program to be downloaded and its icon will appear on the main screen. Then give permission to trust the developer of “JiaNaHaiWei Co., ltd”, as in the previous case.

Thus, you were able to put Vatsap on the second number. It remains to click on the icon of the newly installed application and confirm it in the same way as the first one. If something remains incomprehensible, watch another video:

If you want to know if you can use one Vatsap on two devices at the same time, then read our other article.

I connected whansapp via Parallel Space and they blocked me. Now there is no need for a new phone number 🙂 Reply ↓