Is It Possible To Revert To The Previous Version Of Ios

For a day, developers have released a new version 3.0 of the VKontakte application for iPhone. User reaction but the new design and user interface has been mixed. Many immediately wanted to return the old version of VK to the iPhone and, at a loss, began to look for a way to do this. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to roll back the VK 3.0 version on iPhone to the old one. Everyone who wants to cancel the VKontakte update is encouraged to do the following.

How to remove the restriction when listening to music in VK –

How to return the old version of VK to iPhone

Unfortunately, the App Store does not provide the ability to download the old version of VKontakte on the iPhone. At the moment there are two ways: one temporary, the second – for advanced users.

Download the old version of VK and install

This method of rolling back the VK application is working, checked on the iPhone 5 and 6S. In order to download the old version of the application we need the Chinese program PP Assistant (aka Chinese iTunes). Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

How to roll back the VK update on an iPhone and install the old version?

At the moment, there is a "life hack" – you can install the old version 2.15.3 from the Shopping section in the App Store. First, delete the VK 3.0 application, then open the App Store application, go to the Updates section, the Shopping section will be on top – in it, find the VK App from the list, install it. At the time of writing, this method helps to return the old version of VK to iPhone. Most likely, with the release of the next VK update, this method will stop working.

How to roll back VK 3.0 version on iPhone

If the first method did not suit you, connect advanced skills of the "user". This method is working – we checked. And it will not take you so much time.

  1. First you need to download and then install the Charles program. Next Run it and click on the Grant Priveleges tab if you are using OS X, then enter the administrator password.
  2. We download the application, the old version of which you want to install, using iTunes on your computer, and then go to the Structure tab in the Charles application. You will see the “buy” server.
  3. Right-click on the inscription “buy” and select Enable SSL Proxying.
  4. Now stop downloading to iTunes.
  5. We find the application again by opening the description page. We start the download, then cancel it again.
  6. Next, open the “buy” server pop-up menu and select buyProduct.
  7. Click on Response, right-click on buyProduct and select Export. Select the Desktop as the export location, select the XML format and click Save.
  8. Open the XML file using a text editor and find the given text: softwareVersionExternalIdentifiers Under this text you will see something like the following:
    These are versions of the application from older to newer. Now you need to copy the version number that you want to download, then close the text editor.
  9. Now we return to Charles and right-click on buyProduct, select the Edit item.
  10. Select Text and find the following line: appExtVrsId
    Under it, you will notice the number in the tag, replace it with the number you copied, and click Execute.
  11. Scroll down to Response, then you will notice bundleShortVersionString. Under it, you will see the version of the application you have selected.
  12. Right-click on buyProduct in the list under the “buy” server and select Breakpoints.
  13. Find the application again in iTunes so that the program refreshes the page, and now press the download button again.
  14. Return to Charles and you will see a popup. Click Edit Request, then XML Text, and under the line appExtVrsId paste the number copied in the eighth paragraph. Press Execute again.
  15. Now you will need to gently click Execute.
  16. Check out iTunes. Download should start and end.
  17. Click the My Applications tab in iTunes and you should see the downloaded application. By right-clicking on it, you can request additional information and make sure that you have downloaded the old version.
  18. Connect your mobile device to iTunes and install the application on the device.
  19. Close and uninstall Charles. Done!
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Already managed to try iOS 12, but didn’t like it, or just decided to wait a bit for a more stable version? You can still roll back to iOS 11.4.

What you need to know before rollback

First, you must make a backup of the operating system. You never know, iOS 12 will stand crooked or your gadget will turn into a brick.

Via iCloud

Step 1 Open Settings, go to the Apple ID menu (at the very top with your avatar).

Step 2 Open iCloud.> Backup copy. Above this menu, everything that is stored in the cloud is listed.

Step 3 Turn on the iCloud backup toggle switch and wait until a copy is created.

Via iTunes

Step 1 We connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer via wire.

Step 2 Click on the device icon in the iTunes application.

Step 3 Choose This computer

Step 4 Push Create a copy now

How to roll back to iOS 11. Clean install

First you need the iOS 11.4 firmware file. Here is the complete list:

Disable the function before starting the procedure. Find iPhone Otherwise, iTunes will refuse to perform the rollback procedure.

Step 1 Connect your gadget to your computer or Mac.

Step 2 Select your device in iTunes.

Step 3 On the Overview tab, hold down the OPTION (Shift for Windows) key and tap on Restore iPhone

Step 4 Select the firmware file you just downloaded.

Step 5 Click Restore

Step 6 Now, when you reconfigure your smartphone, you can choose to restore from a backup.

Important : The device cannot be restored from a backup created on iOS 12.

During installation in no case Do not disconnect the iOS device from the computer. Average recovery time. 15-20 minutes.

Is It Possible To Revert To The Previous Version Of Ios

Many users of Apple’s mobile devices are wondering: how to return the old version of iOS? Usually this is due to the fact that, having upgraded to the new version, a person has claims to an unusual interface, poor compatibility with specific devices or bugs that have appeared.

Apple product developers themselves do not welcome the option of switching to an older version of the software. Yes, they provide the opportunity to roll back to the old version of the operating system immediately after the release of a new update (a certain test mode, when developers finish iOS, eliminating bugs, glitches). But a certain period will pass – two weeks, and it will be impossible to return the old version already. Therefore, users of branded devices find workarounds for rollback to the old version of iOS. This article presents the simplest and most effective method of returning to an older operating system than the one currently available on your Apple device. Well, we solve your problem: How to install the old version?

In order not to lose the data stored in the device’s memory, you need to copy them to a safe place. Make a full backup of the contents of your gadget in iTunes on your PC and in iCloud storage. These actions will allow you to return all the files and personal data when you roll back to the legacy iOS version. Rollback involves the complete erasure of all information on the device, leaving only clean software.

After copying the data in two ways, you need to go to iCloud settings, find the iPhone or iPad there (depending on which device you have) and turn it off. This is done in order to remove protection from the software available on the device. Otherwise, you can’t return the previous version of iOS in any way. But do not worry about this, because protection is removed only during the installation of the old version, and upon completion of the rollback, the protective function will be turned on automatically.

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Start installing old iOS

So how to install the old version? This is done in a few simple steps. You will also need a computer, a USB cable, and iTunes (the latest). First of all, check the table ( which old firmware your Apple device model supports. Then you can go directly to the beginning of the installation of the desired iOS.

Step one – download the firmware file

We go to the website, here we download the old version of ios. The site is in Russian, I don’t think there will be problems. We select the type of device, model, select the firmware that is needed.

Step two – the rollback process to the old version of iOS

1 way

Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable. In iTunes, you need to open the device management page. Next, you need to hold Shift (Alt on Mac), and then update the device control window by clicking the appropriate button. An Explorer (Finder on Mac) opens, where you need to select the old operating system file that you previously downloaded. Confirm the installation of an older operating system.

2 way – using RecoveryMode

To enable the system emergency recovery mode (RecoveryMode), you need to do the following: while holding the HOME button, connect via USB to the computer (first you need to turn off the mobile device). Next, launch iTunes, in the “restore iPhone or iPad” window that appears, click “ok,” File Manager will appear, where you will need to select the firmware you downloaded. Then everything is clear: confirm, installation begins.

That’s all, installing the old version is not at all difficult, you can observe the progress of the process in the iTunes window, at the top of it. In no case do not interrupt the installation process: do not disconnect the gadget from the computer, do not run any programs until iOS is installed. It will be possible to use the device immediately after iOS rolls back. You will learn about the completion of the installation when a white screen and a greeting appear. After that, you need to activate your device and use the newly installed iOS without any problems.

Now you can easily run the old version of the application and use the interface that you are used to and refused because of the update. If for some reason you were unable to roll back the software, describe your problem in the comments. We will help you figure it out.

  • slow operation of the old device on new versions of the system
  • bugs, friezes, freezes, problems with autonomy and the desire to return a stable version of the firmware (hi iOS 11)
  • dissatisfaction with the new design and poor implementation of the declared functions

Sorry, rollback any iPhone to any iOS version is not possible. The fact is that in 2009 Apple imposed restrictions on the ability to roll back certain devices to a specific firmware version. Therefore, before starting the procedure, check whether your smartphone can return to the desired version of iOS.

Disable the Find iPhone option

This option is designed to search for a device in case of loss or theft. It blocks any manipulations with the firmware, so you must disable it before resetting the device. Otherwise, all rollback attempts will result in an error message.

Disabling Touch ID and Password

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to the item “Touch ID and passcode”
  3. Enter the password code if necessary
  4. Select "Turn off password code"
  5. Then confirm the action in the pop-up message

Ways to downgrade iPhone firmware

Method 1: Downgrade iOS using iTunes

  1. Disconnect iPhone
  2. When the smartphone screen goes blank, connect the device to the computer
  3. Press the Home button and do not release it until the schematic iTunes icons and Lightning wires appear on the display (iPhone 7/7 Plus owners must press the volume down key)
  1. After you can run aityuns; the program automatically recognizes the smartphone in the desired mode
  2. A warning pop-up will appear on the computer screen. click on it “Cancel”
  3. Then holding Shift (Windows) or Alt (Mac), initiate recovery. To do this, click the appropriate button.
  4. In the dialog box that opens, select a pre-loaded firmware file with the extension .ipsw
  5. Wait until the firmware is installed on the device. In no case do not disconnect the smartphone from the computer
  6. After turning on the iPhone, perform the initial setup and restore it from the backup if necessary
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Attention! If you want to return not to the previous, but to one of the earlier versions of the firmware, we recommend that you do a consistent rollback. That is, roll back to the previous version, then to the previous one, etc. Otherwise, the device may throw an error and will not boot. Instead, the Lightning Drawstring and iTunes icon reappear on the screen.

Method 2. Rollback in DFU Mode

DFU Mode. alternative installation mode for stable versions of the system. It is used in cases when the previous method does not work for some reason. Be prepared for the fact that during the flashing process the device will not show any signs of life and respond to button presses.

  1. Connect iPhone to Windows PC / Mac
  2. Turn off the device
  3. Launch iTunes on PC / Mac
  4. Press and hold the Home and Turn Off / On buttons for 10 seconds
  5. Remove your finger from the “Turn On / Off” button without releasing the Home button
  6. Wait until the device is recognized by iTunes in the desired mode (DFU Mode)
  1. Choose your device
  2. Click "Restore iPhone" while holding alt for macOS and the shift for windows
  3. In the window that appears, specify the path to the firmware file previously downloaded to the hard disk and click the "Open" button
  4. Wait until the operation is completed, then you can turn on the device

Method 3. Rollback iPhone with saving user data

This option is considered less reliable than the two described above, since the desired firmware version is not installed “from scratch”. However, it allows you to save music, photos, contacts and other important information on the device (it can be useful if you do not have time to restore this data from a backup).

To do this, in iTunes → Device recovery menu, instead of the "Restore iPhone …" button, click "Update".

Wait for the process to complete. The device will update to the specified firmware version in automatic mode, and then turn on.

On September 19, Apple released the final version of iOS 11. Millions of iPhone, iPod and iPad users immediately started updating “over the air” and today everyone has decided. Is it worth it to stay on the new version of the system or is it better to wait until the time for more stable iOS 10.

At the time of publication of this instruction, Apple continues to sign the iOS version 10.3.3, so a rollback procedure is still possible. If you decide to return to the "top ten", try not to hesitate. then it may be too late.

What needs to be done before rolling back from iOS 11 to iOS 10?

The process of preparing an iOS device is quite simple and allows you to restore all the data immediately after installing iOS 10, but with one condition. You must have a backup in iTunes or iCloud created for iOS 10.

If the firmware is downgraded, restoring data from a backup from a newer version of iOS is not possible.

Go to the menu Settings> Touch ID and password and disable the corresponding slider. Rollback is possible only when protection is disabled.

How to roll back from iOS 11 to iOS 10. Step-by-step instructions

one. Hold down the Power key and disconnect the iOS device. For iPhone 7: hold the volume down button while holding the Home button.

2. Hold down the Home key and connect your smartphone using the USB cable to your computer or Mac with iTunes installed. Hold the Home key until you see the iTunes icon.

3. The iTunes app should recognize your device and offer three options: Cancel, Refresh, or Restore. Select "Cancel".

four. Download the firmware image specifically for your device.