Is It Necessary To Update Iphone 5s On Ios 12 (Terrible Truth From The Owner)

Is It Necessary To Update Iphone 5s On Ios 12 (Terrible Truth From The Owner)

Since September 17, an update has been introduced to iOS 12. Of course, the owners of the 5S iPhone are already eager to upgrade, who else has not done so. However, there is fear, because we all remember how some updates significantly reduced productivity, brought a bunch of lags. What does the update cost, which slowed down the “Settings” item for several years when it was launched. In general, let’s move on to the essence of the matter.
On September 17, in the evening I updated my iPhone 5S, which I had at the end of October 2013. It worked quite well, if you do not take into account that the “Settings” item started up a long time and the “Camera” application still started up slower than on iOS 8 (it was taken from iOS 7, but then there were critical bugs, up to reboots).

iPhone 5S after upgrading to iOS 12

Yes, the camera application began to run really faster, especially if you run it once so that everything is cached and even if you later unload it from memory, it opens almost instantly. Super. The settings item did not start working normally right away, but after a few hours (apparently, it took time to cache), because the items twitched after the start, and so on. Now it opens somewhere 30% faster than before. And productivity in various sections has grown significantly, according to feelings, by 50-60%.

Instagram opens all the same for a long time, after the update, by the way, the application was also updated, but there is no sense (it takes 15-20 seconds to wait until the first photo appears in the tape).

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As for the new chips, there are no good solutions on the 5S model, the same “Roulette” is not here, although this feature was on the list of innovations that I was offered to read. Deceived, Herods. Oh yes, office applications such as iBooks, Numbers, and so on, not only acquired a new look, but also began to work faster.

The interface also got a little quicker to work and now something became different with the brightness and contrast of the display, I can’t understand what exactly the Yabloko did, but the changes are felt. The battery consumption on the first day was wild, I was almost upset, but the next day the consumption became quite sane.

In general, it’s worth updating, no new chips so that the direct “yes, class” does not appear, the update is very truncated, however, the speed actually became higher regarding the interface and some applications.
If only in the subsequent updates they didn’t kill everyone … But you will remember RulSmart and go here after the release of each update, I will publish such notes specifically on the iPhone 5S. Unsubscribe in the comments, who and what they think about this update. Maybe I missed something.