Iphone Remote Computer Access

Iphone Remote Computer Access

Integration of several computers into a single system, including mobile ones such as smartphones and tablets, is now becoming an actual trend in the digital world, cloud technologies and various wireless communication channels make it easier to access the right information and resources from different places. Remote access to a computer can be done in many ways, one of which is special applications for mobile devices.

We present 6 applications for iPhone and iPad, allowing you to remotely connect to computers on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Screens VNC App

Screens VNC application for iPhone and iPad has a high-quality intuitive interface, it will not be difficult to understand it. To create a remote connection with a computer, you will need to install a VNC server, for a machine running on Mac OS you need to enable the “Common Screen” (“System Settings”, hereinafter “Sharing”).

The Screens VNC application is not tied to the cursor control of a remote computer, i.e. all manipulations: clicks, moving windows, scrolling and other actions can be performed using the touch screen of an iPhone or iPad. The utility also has the ability to synchronize via iCloud. Another feature of Screens VNC is the support for hot keys and the ability to assign a task that will be performed after the session.

Price: 649 rubles

Average rating: 4.0

TeamViewer app: Remote Control

TeamViewer, a free remote access application for iPhone and iPad, allows you to connect to computers running on Windows, Mac, and Linux, also without being tied to cursor controls. The utility supports intuitive control using gestures, including "multitouch" from Windows 8, in addition, there is full support for the functions of the standard keyboard, including service combinations, for example, "CtrlAltDel". Of the key features of TeamViewer: Remote Control, it is worth noting the transfer of files in both directions, support for multiple monitors, the ability to stream audio and video in real time, as well as the function of remotely turning on the computer.

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Average rating: 4.5

iTeleport Remote Desktop

iTeleport Remote Desktop for iPhone and iPad is capable of working with a large number of different VNC servers, however, as is often the case with reputable programs, there is a proprietary iTeleport Connect that can be installed on Windows and Mac OS platforms. The utility is distinguished by a very smooth display of the desktop of the remote computer and competent scaling, in addition, the interaction will be automatically optimized depending on the communication channel used (Wi-Fi, LTE or 3G).

Of the extensive functionality of iTeleport Remote Desktop, it is worth noting the support of all special buttons for each type of platform, as well as controls for the clipboard, media player and imitation of working with the mouse.

Price: 799 rubles

Average rating: 3.5

Microsoft Remote Desktop Application

The Microsoft Remote Desktop application is designed for iPhone and iPad, but it can also be installed on a Mac OS computer by connecting the two computers together. The utility runs on the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), the capabilities of which are similar to desktop clients for Windows. IPhone or iPad users can remotely access various applications and data.

Microsoft Remote Desktop for iPhone and iPad is not the only mobile RDP client, however, it is branded, which often guarantees more stable operation and wide functionality, for example, the application has excellent integration with the native iPhone and iPad keyboard and supports touch input.

Average rating: 4.5

Parallels Access Utility

Parallels Access. One of the most common and widely advertised applications for remote access to a computer. Allows you to work with gestures with any program Windows and Mac OS. Parallels Access requires a stable Internet connection.

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Installed programs on a remote Windows or Mac OS computer on iPad and iPhone are displayed as icons on a special launch screen, and interaction with them occurs if these applications were installed on a tablet or smartphone. All iOS control gestures are supported by Parallels Access.

Price: free, subscription 649 rubles / year

Iphone Remote Computer Access

Average rating: 4.0

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop

A very high-quality utility at an affordable price, Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop for iPhone and iPad is different from previous applications in managing the desktop of a remote computer.

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop supports computers on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, is flexible in operation, provides access to files and games, it is possible to switch between two monitors, stream video and audio, choose between ways to manipulate the cursor.

Price: 169 rubles

Average rating: 4.0

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