Iphone Charges Too Slowly – Why And How To Speed Up

Iphone Charges Too Slowly - Why And How To Speed Up

Greetings! The blog already has a lot of notes that in one way or another tell about problems with charging the iPhone, but still, questions about this important procedure continue to come. Confirmation of this. your many letters and comments. By the way, taking this opportunity, I want to thank you very much. Indeed, it is often your “feedback” that gives strength to write new and, I hope, useful instructions.

Well, something I was distracted (to blame, I will not :)). let’s get back to the topic of the article. Moreover, today we will analyze another very important phenomenon for any owner of an "apple" smartphone. long charging of the iPhone and what can be done with it. Let’s see why this happens and what actions need to be taken in order to accelerate it.

Are you ready? On your marks. Attention. Let’s go!

Why can iPhone charge for so long?

The iPhone does not charge very fast anyway (see the approximate time to reach from 0 to 100% for each model), and if this process takes hours, then this situation will become very annoying. This can happen for a number of reasons, and, in most cases, their correction will cost some money. Now you will understand why.

Reasons for slow iPhone charging:

  1. Use of non-original Lighting wires. The biggest harm is from them. They kill the battery, charge it incomprehensibly, they can fail at any time, etc. I had a case when such a fake cable not only did not charge the iPhone, but also discharged it (the charge indicator was on, and the percentage decreased). Thus, I could wait a very long time until the battery reaches full capacity 🙂
  2. Weak power adapter. By "weakness" I mean its low power. The standard unit, which is out of the box, has a capacity of 1 A. It is allowed to use stronger charges, for example from an iPad. Apple itself permits. However, there are a large number of less powerful adapters, and even if it says 1A (or higher) output. far from the fact that it really is. Poor and fake charges are now slightly less than the "Chinese" wires.
  3. Damage, oxidation and other contamination of the contacts on the connectors of the cable, power supply and the iPhone itself. Be sure to see that all the connectors are clean (and not blacken the contacts on the wire like mine) and “new”. If it is not. either clean them if possible (for example, the charging connector on the iPhone can be poked with a toothpick to find dust in it), and if you cannot clean it, then do not use such accessories. Since the slow charge time. this is not the worst thing that can happen in this case.
  4. Faults of "iron". It’s worth starting the test with the battery, because it is he who is the easiest to diagnose. How to find out his condition? Farther. worse, because other hardware failures are more difficult to calculate at home (you need special equipment) if there is none. We go to the service center.
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Other objective reasons for the very long charge of the iPhone. no. Well, maybe some kind of bug may come up in iOS, but so far this has not happened. And if it does, then it is easily fixed by a timely update.

In any case, all of the above reasons are characteristic of the state of the iPhone, in which its charging lasts much longer than the "average" values. For example, it should be fully charged in two hours, and the process lasts all four. This is really a serious problem and it must be distinguished from when everything seems to be normal, but I want to charge a little faster. Is it possible to quickly? Sure!

How to Speed ​​Up Slow Charging iPhone

I will not promise you any incredible indicators, but how to charge your iPhone a little faster. I will tell.

Use a more powerful power adapter

In particular, if you have an iPad. feel free to use from him. Thus, the time spent on a full recharge cycle will decrease by 40% percent (compared to using a bundled adapter). However, it is not necessary exactly from the iPad, the main thing is that the output power should be more than 1 ampere.

The only thing is that I am once again warning you against operating obscure “nameless” power supplies. Overpay 100-200 rubles and take the "normal". The iPhone will say thanks and its battery will last a long time.

Flight mode and device shutdown

While charging, put your iPhone in airplane mode. Naturally, we must remember that you cannot receive calls and use cellular communication in this mode. But the complete lack of a network will really help charge the iPhone much faster.

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This advice is most relevant when you need to get as many percent of the battery as possible, in less time. Quickly charge in this mode will be much more effective than in the usual, with active cellular communication.

Iphone Charges Too Slowly - Why And How To Speed Up

Complete shutdown of the device. this is from the same series, only a more cardinal decision. Here you must remember that you need to turn it off after connecting the charger, otherwise. iPhone will turn on when you connect the cable.

Clean the connector

Yes, yes, elementary debris or accumulated dust in the Lighting connector can cause the device to slowly receive a charge. Try to clean it carefully. Do it very carefully and be sure to NOT a metal object. A simple wooden toothpick or ground match will do.

If such a procedure is new to you, then do not be surprised at the amount of dust that has accumulated there.

Here are a few more points that do not directly but indirectly affect charging speed. Try to fulfill them and then the iPhone will be faster filled with energy:

  • Periodically perform a so-called battery calibration. several cycles from 0% to 100%. More about this.
  • Do not charge in a case even at extreme temperatures (optimum temperature. Room temperature), this will positively affect the state of the battery.
  • Do not neglect new versions of software. Apple is not in vain releasing firmware. update and do not be shy 🙂

And finally, remember one important thing. iPhone has a period of fast (or "normal", as it is more convenient) charge goes only up to 80%. After reaching this threshold, the phone will charge a little slower and this is normal. Do not worry about this.